Microphone problems

  Si_L 09:55 19 Jul 2008

I am trying to use Skype on my Vista machine. I have speakers installed on it, and they are in the middle audio connection (green). I just bought a pair of headphones with a microphone, and have plugged the mic plug into the red connection, and the audio into blue. I tested a Skype call and I can hear but can't speak into the microphone.

I was wondering if it needed to be plugged into the speakers control box? The spare connections on there are Video in/out, aux left/right. I don't think its either of these but I could be wrong.

Any suggestions?


  Si_L 10:02 19 Jul 2008

All sorted! Read a few threads and one suggested swapping the leads to the ports on the front of the computer (which I'd forgotton I had!) and it works a treat now.

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