microphone help

  stutrav 11:50 08 Jan 2004

I`ve a microphone for using net messenger

But I have only 3 holes in my sound card which I use for my speakers

How can I connect it

  tenplus1 11:54 08 Jan 2004

As far as I've seen most soundcards which have 3-holes have 1 for Speakers, 1 for Line-In and 1 for the Microphone...

What kind of Soundcard do you have ?

  Morpheus? 12:27 08 Jan 2004

or to put it another way, how have you plugged two speakers into the 3 holes, when they normally go into one....

  Tog 12:29 08 Jan 2004

If you look closely, engraved in the metal next to one of the sockets you may be able to make out the symbol for a microphone.

  stutrav 12:31 08 Jan 2004

I`ve got 6 speakers 2 in each hole

They all work

  GroupFC 13:24 08 Jan 2004

I had a similar problem with a mic and headset (see my posting at click here). As you can see the only way that I have been able to make it work is unplugging the speakers and plugging in the headphones and mic! Unfortunately this is a bit of a chore to say the least!

I am by no means an expert in these matters (really a complete novice!), but from what I have read I think that the answer is that with 6 speakers (as you say two in each hole) the mic line-in magically becomes a line-out for the speakers!

I may be barking up completely the wrong tree here, but eould a USB mic be better?

I shall watch this thread with interest!

  stutrav 13:32 08 Jan 2004

I`ve got the three jacks and they have the engraving and the mike engraving

but I have 3 audio input lines on the back of the subwoofer
if I plug these into the 3 holes on the back of the souncard (including mike hole) the sound system works)but I have no mike hole

Soundcard is AC97 5:1 sound

  GroupFC 13:37 08 Jan 2004

"AS you say I`m no expert either But I think that that what you say is the only way forward."

stutrav, I don't mind receiving e-mails (goodness knows I get enough each day!), and it clearly wasn't anything to really add to the thread, but it is probably better posting messages like your last in the thread, so others can see what's going on, even if it is no progress! This also has the added advantage of bumping your problem back up towards the top of the page!


  stutrav 14:12 08 Jan 2004

can you get a USB microphone

  GroupFC 15:02 08 Jan 2004

I am pretty sure you can. I seem to recall seeing a Logitech one in PCW for about £25, when I got my headset just after Christmas.

  GroupFC 15:12 08 Jan 2004

click here

This was just one example from a huge list entering "Logitech USB microphone" in Google!

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