Microphone and headphones

  heb 20:41 17 Jun 2003

I have Windows XP with an Avance AC'97 Soundcard. If I plug in a microphone I cannot get it to work at all - I have tried several models which all work on other computers. Ihave used all the troubleshooting guides over the past few weeks and have tried everything suggested in the helproom. If I plug a set of headphones into the microphone jack I can record my voice using one of the earpieces.
I would prefer to use a microphone so if anyone can tell me where I am going wrong I should be grateful

  Valvegrid 21:09 17 Jun 2003

What does the user manual tell you about what type of microphones can be used with it. The reason I ask is the there are basically two types of mic, one is an electret type which requires a phantom power source from the sound card, the other type is magnetic that doesn't require a power source, this is why the earphones are acting as a mic.


  powertool 21:13 17 Jun 2003

It might be possible that your mic jack plug is mono but your mic input socket is stereo; which is why the stereo headphones work. A mono jack plug would go in, but not line up. I believe you can buy adapters to covert the socket, or if you are handy with a soldering iron you could make a converter with supplies from maplins.

Hope this works.

  heb 12:48 18 Jun 2003

Thanks for the 2 replies - I am waiting on delivery of an adaptor from mono to stereo as this is the cheapest option to start with. Thank you.

  heb 08:56 20 Jun 2003

I have tried the mono to stereo adaptor and that hasn't worked. (Got sent the wrong part to start with so also know that stereo to mono doesn't work either). Was this the same thing as trying an electret microphone? If not, please tell me where I find one. Thank you.

  DieSse 09:13 20 Jun 2003

The standard microphones sold for use with a computer are very very cheap - if you don't have one, get one and you'll probably find it works!

  Valvegrid 10:39 20 Jun 2003

Nearly all mics sold for computer use are Electret type, as DieSse says they cost less than a fiver from your local pissy world.


  Valvegrid 10:40 20 Jun 2003

Sorry, slip of the tounge, PC World.

  heb 12:22 20 Jun 2003

I have already got 3 standard microphones here + I've tried headphone/mic combined.

  misog 12:32 20 Jun 2003

You might need to tick "enable microphone booster" . Will try to remember where it is.

  misog 12:35 20 Jun 2003

On my system its on the "advanced" tab on the mixer.

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