Micro$oft XP Update screwed my settings

  Gnomeface 23:48 15 Jul 2003

I made a big mistake in allowing my XP system to be upgraded with "fixes" which Microsoft insisted were necessary to protect my system. I downloaded and installed all the ones which their analyser said I required. The side effects:

- my mouse pointer now always jumps to the default button when a window opens, even though I have always had this option switched off and it is still off. Resetting the mouse option to ON then to OFF does not stop it happening, and as the wheel mouse software was pre-configured on my machine it is not a simple matter to uninstall and re-install the mouse drivers (which may not fix it anyway). Very irritating.

- my machine now disappears into a trance for up to a minute, soon after it has finished booting up, which it did not do before the upgrade and started doing immediately after. All keys and mouse clicks are ineffective until it decides to give control back to me. This can happen when nothing is running other than the desktop, or in the middle of any program. The disk light flashes, so I assume that it is reorganising virtual memory or something. My machine is an Athlon XP2000+ with 512Mb of memory and a big (80% empty) disk, so I don't know what the hell its problem is. Virtual memory is still set to the recommended 768Mb.

- A list of 18 "fix" programs has appeared in the "uninstall software" section of the control panel, and about the same number of "uninstall" directories in Windows. Now that I am resigned to leaving the fixes in place (they are inter-dependant, so I can't try reversing a few to fix the other problems) how can I remove all this clutter??

- several other settings were altered in various parts of the system - including Internet Explorer - and I had to reconfigure back to my previous settings. I even lost all my Word or Excel (forget which one it was) personal menu bars, but at least I had a back-up of that file.

- Microsoft's help service is USELESS... when I try to get help on the mouse issue, I am required to enter my machine reference; it then says that I must get support through my OEM who supplied the machine with pre-configured XP. But my OEM did not supply the software upgrades which have caused the trouble, so I am left totally high and dry. There seems no way to get through to a Microsoft person without paying, yet I was virtually forced to install their cursed upgrades.

(end of rant)

Is there is anyone out there who can offer advice or help?? Please!!

  User-312386 23:54 15 Jul 2003

use system restore

  Gnomeface 00:16 16 Jul 2003

System Restore will indeed put me back where I was - but with the reminders that my system is insecure.
What I really want to do is solve the side-issues (particularly the mouse) and then tidy up the clutter that the upgrades left.

  User-312386 00:25 16 Jul 2003

ok heres what to do

go to start>run

now type sfc /scannow (note the space between sfc and /)

pop in your XP disc and it should fix any problems for you


  -pops- 05:59 16 Jul 2003

I am always very circumspect about installing these Critical Updates that are increasingly common issues put out by M$ and it is rare that I do install them on an already working machine. On a new machine, yes fine, it doesn't matter so much if it cocks things up.

If you read the detail of any of the reports your will see that the chance of anything untoward happening you your machine by not installing the update are so low as to be negligible. The danger of destroying your Windows setup as you know it are very real - as you have experienced.

I always wait several day before installing any Windows upgrades, critical or otherwise just to see if anyone on here has any problems. Even then, I more often than not ignore the upgrade for the reasons I gave above.

If I do decide to install, I always set a restore point and a backup as insurance against what you have had.


  wawadave 06:18 16 Jul 2003

i got burned with the xp 395 patch killed system to a slow slow crall had to do ghost image to fix it uninstall did not fix. waiting is allways a good idea.

  Chegs ® 09:26 16 Jul 2003

I got DX9 via "Auto-Update" It screwed my games(jerky slow for a few secs)and no matter what I set,it made a couple of games completely unplayable.I finally found DX Destroyer on 3d Gurus site,removed DX9 and returned to DX8.1.Games are back to "as before" and the "auto-Update" feature has been PERMANENTLY switched OFF!!! I will never turn it back on,and I just wonder what M$ reckon to the dozens of "Error Reports" that XP has "phoned home" from my machine(12 in a nite) :-)

  Magik ®© 09:30 16 Jul 2003

i agree with pops, there are so many so called updates, i have never installed any, the PC with XP runs fine, if it should ever go pear shaped, i have GO-BACK, which i find a thousand times better than the XP restore, just a couple of clicks and it is back where it was..

best to let well alone......once you have sorted it............

  Chegs ® 16:13 24 Feb 2004


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