BREEN 11:19 19 Feb 2006

I have an interest in geniology is there a way of getting a micrfishe onto your computer without using a reader.Can you use a scanner


  Border View 12:21 19 Feb 2006

Will watch this one - think its an excellent idea.

When you think about it you should be able to if you have a scanner which reads photograph negatives. Will wait to see what the experts say.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:24 19 Feb 2006

Yes, but cheap it is not. click here

  €dstowe 12:29 19 Feb 2006

I'm a bit doubtful that the resolution of a scanner (even a dedicated 35mm film type) would be high enough to do this.

An idea (if you're prepared to spend money) is to use a low power microscope (from eBay) in conjunction with a Bresser PC MicrOcular II VGA click here and scroll down nearly to the bottom of the page.

  wobbly76 13:42 19 Feb 2006

You might try one of the suppliers advertising in Family History mags. as gandalf says, they're not cheap, I use a hand held reader ( about £30 ) otherwise I go to the library and get a printout if I need.
Any genealogy supplier should be able to put you on to something.
Let us know what you find.


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