Microfilters and splitters

  Fateful Shadow 20:01 22 May 2005

We have one main box where the telephone signal enters the house. When we get broadband I know I'll need a microfilter, but is it possible to use a telephone line splitter in the microfilter aswell, so I can attach the normal phone and a digibox?

Thanks :)

  bemuzed 20:32 22 May 2005

what's a digibox?

  bemuzed 20:34 22 May 2005

what's a digibox?

  engsurv 10:13 23 May 2005

Put a splitter in the phone line first. Then a microfilter at the end of each of the resultant lines.

  Fateful Shadow 12:37 23 May 2005

I never thought of it that way before engsurv...seems so obvious now though! Thanks :)

P.S. Bemuzed, a digibox is what recieves digital satellite, such as "Sky"

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