Microdesk - anyone used this

  Jade 14 G 09:37 16 Nov 2005

Has anyone used this, l downloaded it last week. am just waiting for it to be activated which isn't happening.
It keeps popping up all the time asking me to register which l have done but waiting for a registerd number and to activated it.
The name on the product is Serge- can't remeber the last bit with out going through my files but its a Russian name.
Tried add/remove to get rid of it but that does not work so am just closing it down when l log on otherwise it drives me mad popping up.
The software is for you, to have a lot of screens whitch organise your files ect, had it in my docs for ages then downloaded it last week and wish l hadn't

  jbp1982 09:39 16 Nov 2005

do a system restore til before you installed it?

  Jade 14 G 09:51 16 Nov 2005

Have donre one

  Skyver 09:52 16 Nov 2005

Tried it, but went back to Microsoft version. To stop it popping up click Options, uncheck "Start with Windows" (or something similar). As for un-install, shut the program down, re-install it, and /then/ try to remove it. Some uninstall info may have been lost.

  Jade 14 G 10:45 16 Nov 2005

Thanks will do that,
Do you know how l can get rid of ebay on the toolbar for popping up all the time and now aol says its dialing to the net, it won't go from add/remove as it says there is a error

  Skyver 10:50 16 Nov 2005

It should be un-installable - same again, try to disable it (or uncheck it from toolbars in Internet Explorer), download the toolbar again, install, uninstall.click here

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