pj123 17:04 22 Sep 2007

This, as far as I can ascertain is a car.

It appears that you can drive this vehicle with a motorbike licence?

It is a four wheeled vehicle, appears to be automatic and has reverse.

I have a motorbike licence and a car licence but I don't think I like someone being able to drive a car on the road with only a motorbike licence.

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scroll down to Press Release February 2004 and it says:

MC2 may be driven by car and motor bike licence holders in the UK.

The reason for the post is a long story which I won't bother you with.

  wee eddie 17:24 22 Sep 2007

You could drive all those 3 wheelers with a Motorbike license.

An acquaintance had a souped-up Bond Bug, seriously hair-raising stuff that one was, the front wheel frequently lifted off when you went over 80.

  pj123 17:35 22 Sep 2007

wee eddie, yes I think you're right. But as far as I remember they didn't have a reverse gear, which was the all important bit?

Three wheelers without reverse can be driven by motobike licence holders.

This Microcar has four wheels had a reverse gear.

  Arnie 17:47 22 Sep 2007

"This, as far as I can ascertain is a car.
It appears that you can drive this vehicle with a motorbike licence?"

Maybe you are one of the younger generation.
I used to drive a Reliant Regal three-wheeler on a 'group G' motorcycle licence.
I had to bolt a small plate on the gearbox to prevent the reverse gear being operated.

Sometime after I obtained my full driving licence, I seem to remember that the law was changed and one was allowed to use all three-wheelers, including the use of reverse on a motorcycle licence.
I don't remember hearing of any poor driving standards leading to more accidents because of the change.

Anyway pj thanks for the link, they were certainly cars and quite nice ones too.
But of course they were four-wheelers, so maybe the law has changed yet again.


  Arnie 18:27 22 Sep 2007

The Bond Bug had a reverse gear.

There is a number of them still in use worldwide.

Four forward speeds and reverse - synchromesh on top, second and third
Gearbox ratios: Top 1.0:1
3rd 1.45:1
2nd 2.46:1
1st 4.27:1
Reverse 5.49:1
Final Drive 3.55:1

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  Belatucadrus 18:30 22 Sep 2007

I seem to remember Jason Plato testing something similar on 5th gear, may have been a Ligier. Anyway it was so horrible, they put it in a skip.
The problem with all these micro/cycle cars is that they have to be ridiculously light weight to squeeze into motorcycle legislation and as a result an impact with anything bigger than a skateboard tends to make them crumple like a paper bag.

  Quiet Life 18:47 22 Sep 2007

Since 1992, the Common Market has become an area without frontiers in which
goods can be freely traded. The Council of the European Community has therefore enacted the design rules applicable to each type of vehicle marketed.
Quadricycles are defined as follows :

Light quadricycles
These quadricycles are vehicles which have an empty weight which is limited by the regulations to 350 kg, and are fitted with an engine of 4 kW (5.6 hp) and have a top speed of less than 45 km/h. They are similar to mopeds and can be driven with or without a licence depending on the legislation in force in each European country.

Heavy quadricycles
These quadricycles are vehicles that have an empty weight which is limited by the regulations to 400 kg for vehicles designed to carry passengers, or 550 kg for the transport of goods, and have an engine which develops a maximum power of 15 kW (about 20 hp). They are related to tricycles and motorcycles.

In Portugal no licence needed for either category. Usually driven by old people who are unable to take a test as they can neither read nor write. A real pain on single lane roads.

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