Micro SD viewable size

  gabber82 18:18 23 Aug 2007

I've got a Sandisk Exteme 3 4GB SD memory card.

When i plug it in to the card reader and after formatting on the PC, the amount of space is only a gig. Why?

I've not put it in any devices (camera etc) as it's not mine so can't confirm if it works there but surely this shouldn't matter?

Any help is much appreciated

  DieSse 18:32 23 Aug 2007

You shouldn't normally format memory cards on the PC - you should format them in the device they're going to be used in.

Camera formats are often different to the way a PC does it.

  gabber82 18:37 23 Aug 2007

just noticed a wee mistake, it's not a micro, just a bog standard SD card.

i was given the card to be used like a usb pen. it's probably been in a camera of some description but i don't have a camera myself to try. also, my brother's Wii plainly refuses it.

is it due to the file allocation or something? FAT32 seems to make a SLIGHT different but it's still more or less a gig

  skidzy 19:07 23 Aug 2007

Check the card for any errors.

Insert the card into the reader,Right click the card in My Computer and select properties / tools / check for errors and bad sectors.

Im on Vista at the moment and i think it is something similar in xp, as ive said above to check the card.

Though you really need to format the card as Diesse has pointed out,in a SD device.

  macbookboy 15:15 04 Sep 2007

when you formattit try and use the full option as appsed to the quick format.

  gabber82 16:12 04 Sep 2007

i've tried various formats, quick, FAT, FAT32 but it's always a gig. there are no errors, it's only been used once.

was doing some further reading and i think it may have to do with the sector size and the way PCs then read it. or something, didn't entirely understand it myself.

i don't think there's a solution to this one and i've given up to be honest, it's not worth it.

many thanks to those who offered help, without you guys, this place would be pointless

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