micro filters and phone extension

  ©®@$ђ 13:51 17 Oct 2003

my question.

my phone socket is no where near my computer, and i will be using a micro filter for my phone and modem.

would it be safe to say i can use a phone extension going from the phone socket to the micro filter without jeopardizing performance, as this will be the only way i can do it.

  Djohn 14:00 17 Oct 2003

Better than a phone extension is a longer modem lead. I use a 4 meter modem lead. RJ11 connectors both ends. One end direct to modem, the other direct to the filter which is plugged into the main phone socket. j.

  Daveboy 14:07 17 Oct 2003

Make sure you don't double filter, ie-plug extn into filter at socket and then put another filter on at pc end !

  ©®@$ђ 14:09 17 Oct 2003

thanks for quick reply. i would need about 15-20 metres.do they do those lengths.

or would i be better with phone extension cable.

do you think it would affect anything.

cheers djohn

  ©®@$ђ 14:12 17 Oct 2003

why's that.

i dont think i would need to double filter.the way i'd have it is the microfilter plugged into the phoone socket and an extension or as djohn said a long modem cable running to my usb modem, and the phone running direct from the mocrofilter that is in the socket..is this setup ok!

  Djohn 14:18 17 Oct 2003

Maplins do the RJ11 cables up to 6 meters as standard, but they or most small electrical supply shops will make one up to your required length.

The cable is just a standard crossover, as in a phone line extension, but with the male RJ11 connectors at both ends. Regards. j.

  graham√ 14:26 17 Oct 2003

Fair do's to Djohn, but if you have an extension lead, try it. The line will already have come a fair distance from the exchange on thin wires, another 20m shouldn't be a problem.

Plug it directly into the phone socket, then the filter at the modem end.

  ©®@$ђ 14:27 17 Oct 2003

ok thanks djohn.

so do you reckon i would loose any signal/performance via these methods

either having the phone extension or RJ11 cables

my concern is that the signal would have to travel a longer distance and through other cables, so my worry is am i going to have any signal loss.if so i will tell the bt man who's coming to reconnect me on the 20th to install another phone socket next to my computer..

  ©®@$ђ 14:31 17 Oct 2003

thanks graham√ that was the way i was thinking in the first place. but i want as much as i can out of the connection, if there is going to be any signal loss i'd rather combat that now before i set it up.especially when the bt man is coming on the 20th.but if there is going to be any signal loss i can't imagine it to be much but i'd rather have no signal loss through my setup..

im broadband hungry

  Djohn 14:42 17 Oct 2003

Yep! I agree with graham√ as well. Both methods will work fine. Just that as with most things, I try to keep the connections down to a minimum. If your having the engineer round, then I'll stick my neck out and say the best option would be the new socket close to the PC. j.

  ©®@$ђ 14:44 17 Oct 2003

i agree with trying to keep connections down to the minimum.i'll speak to the engineer see what he thinks.atleast i know either method will work

thanks guys

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