micro drives

  aka51 00:25 21 May 2005

can games and applications be run directly from a 2.2gb usb micro drive?.

  Night Ryder 02:51 21 May 2005

Yes no problem. But why are you running games this way?

  aka51 10:40 21 May 2005

thanks for answering.the other half(she who must be...)bought the pc for tesco shopping/ebay/and the kids homework.i agreed not to play pacman flight simulator whatever, but being a big kid i sometimes can,t help a little relaxation.they have ps2,s so quite rightly she wants "her" pc not to be another toy.she has a point,local schoolgirls have had terrible problems with chat rooms etc.i was browsing a pc world ad and saw a 2.2gb usb micro drive available.not being the brightest star in the night sky i needed to know if it was a compromise she could accept.flight sim on the micro drive not on the pc harddrive solves the conflict.cheers and thanks.

  Night Ryder 18:36 22 May 2005

Bare in mind that once you have installed the games to the micro drive, the shortcuts to the game will remain in the start menue whether the drive is connected or not. This applies to any shortcuts created on the desktop.

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