micro bill systems

  compo84 09:41 15 Nov 2006

Micro bil systems (MBS)
I think this problem has been discuused before but i couldnt find the thread, everytime i start my computer up, the MBS bill for £19.99 comes up and lockes for 10 minutes, i have tried all virus and spyware scans with no luck, i have tried removeing all MBS programs but they just come streight back and lock for 10 minutes, does anybody know of a way i can fix this problem?

thanks in advance

  anskyber 09:45 15 Nov 2006
  GroupFC 09:51 15 Nov 2006

You beat me to it - that's the one I have just been looking for!

  compo84 11:53 15 Nov 2006

cheers thats the one i was looking for

  Juliet-1034177 21:50 13 Apr 2007

I have a friend who has the same issue. Said I would help but don't want to go to somewhere and get same problem. Sorry if offending the PC advisor community but like to be safe - there's some people out there with odd senses of humour! Many thanks

  lisaloo27 17:52 25 Apr 2007

im another victim of the MBS billing mess, which seems to be poping all over the place.
i have downloaded some malware software to get rid of this pest, but as i read in another members comments it disables your system restore, can anyone tell me how i can restore my system restore....?????
i haven't had anything pop up for a while so fingers crossed it's gone,, but im still unable to restore my system.

  Kate B 18:00 25 Apr 2007

lisaloo, you might be best off starting your own thread rather than posting duplicates on other people's threads.

  Vigorous 20:38 30 Jun 2007

Howdy all? Great to hear the MBS issue is being tackled "head on", with vigour and determination from the general online public.. A terrific vote of thanks must go to the publishers of PREVX 2.0 for producing such a top quality product that clears up this type of highly irritating, not to talk of dangerous mailware.. Visit their website and get the FREE software which will solve any problems! Ta Ta MBS and jolly good riddance!!

  Meshuga 21:06 30 Jun 2007

<> <>

  Birobob 20:05 01 Jul 2007

Cheers Vigoroyous,
Used PREVX 2.0 to clear this Trojan off my system, seems ok at moment all files appear to have gone from windows system32. Have sent invoice to Micro Bill Sytems for £239.99 for time and distress. Given them 7 days to pay. Then I will go and visit them with a jack and wheel brace to remove wheels from their cars to the value. Bob

  rover116 17:17 13 Nov 2007

where can i get malware software to download and can i get it free im also a victim of mbs, should i be worried about this, this is the first time ive come across this

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