Micro ATX

  Peterkins777 20:39 08 Feb 2008

Hi, Just got a new PC which has an Intel pearl creek micro ATX mother board I would like to put in a graphics card possibly a 8600 would this or a similar size card fit? Many thanks Peterkins777

  citadel 22:02 08 Feb 2008

it will fit the board but the case needs to be big enough and you need a 350w or better psu.

  skidzy 22:02 08 Feb 2008

You need to consider the contents of the case,such as cables /drives etc.
Normally you should be absolutely ok,i take it you have a socket 775 that has a pci-e slot availble ?

I see no real problems,just make sure you have plenty of cooling and that all cables are tied to allow air flow.

  skidzy 22:15 08 Feb 2008

how spooky,the thread sits there for over an hour with no replies....and we reply exactly the same time..eerie !!!

Peter,just something to be aware of;

If a new pc,opening the case may void any warranty you currently have.

While on the subject of a psu,i would recommend at least something in the region of 450w upwards and branded if you are a gamer.

Take note of citadel's post,make sure you have a big enough case before buying the card.

  wee eddie 22:15 08 Feb 2008

Such a MoBo suggests a reduced size of Case.

If that is the case you may have problems as 1/2 depth Cards are few and far between. Also PSUs are frequently designed specifically for the case.

Good Luck.

  Stuartli 23:17 08 Feb 2008

To be quite honest I avoid micro ATX boards, cases and PSUs like the plague...:-)

  Peterkins777 09:21 09 Feb 2008

Hi everyone, My wife bought the computer as a surprise after my old one died a nasty death, she knew roughly what I wanted but left the rest to the builder. I have a full tower ATX case and there is enough room inside to house the cat! So I was very surprised to see such a small mother board. Many thanks for all your comments and help. Peter

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