Micosoft Money - exe f not a valid Win32 applic

  compumac 12:34 20 Dec 2010

Microsoft Money 2005 has been working without problem on both XP and Win 7 until recently. Today I received the message "Program Files\Microsoft Money 2005\MNYCoreFiles\msmoney.exe is not a valid Win32 application. This occured on an old XP PC some time ago.

  Terry Brown 13:52 20 Dec 2010

I do not know if Windows 7 has this function.but from Win XP.

From RUN type in sfc /scannow (note space between sfc and /).

If your system needs to repair any files, it will prompt you for the appropiate Disk to extract the file from.


If you do not have the Disks available, do not try this as it can leave your system non-functioning.

  compumac 16:48 20 Dec 2010

Anybody else?

  rawprawn 17:01 20 Dec 2010

Don't you backup each time it closes? if so Restore it from the backup.
If not the only thing I can think of is to re instsll it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 20 Dec 2010

Not a valid win32 Application click here

  northumbria61 17:25 20 Dec 2010

As per Terry Brown - Windows 7 has the
sfc /scannow facility so okay to give it a try.
You may have to right click on the Command Prompt to "Run as Administrator"

  compumac 18:26 20 Dec 2010

If you are referring to the Money data - then that is backed up (as with all of my data) to three separate locations.
Used System Restore back to 17th December and that corrected the problem, but also have a myriad of Acronis images as well so restoring a previous image should not be a problem.

  compumac 09:10 21 Dec 2010

I updated mt Acronis Home 2010 to the later version 7.046 and then MS Money displayed the error message. Subsequently I restored the system to prior to the Acronis update nd MS Money functioned OK. I then updated Acronis back to 7.046 and MS Moneyimmediately again failed to function. I have now reverted the system back to prior to the Acronis update and MS Money is functioning OK. Co-incedental??

  rawprawn 09:17 21 Dec 2010

I would have thought so, I can't see Acronis having any bearing in Money, but I suppose there are stramger things in this world.

  compumac 09:23 21 Dec 2010

I agree - I would not have thought so, but I will leave the situation as it is until tomorrow and then if MS Money is still OK, update Acronis and find out. (?)

  rawprawn 09:44 21 Dec 2010

I think I would be inclined to uninstall Money and then re install it and import the data from your backups.
As Fruit Bat /\0/\ pointed out it is likely to be a corrupt file

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