[email protected]® 10:29 03 Oct 2004

Can someone recommend a site where I can buy a wireless, optical mouse. I have tried E-Buyer and Dabs, any other suggestions. I bought a keyboard and mouse bundle over a year ago and now the mouse is faulty (out of warranty) so I need to get a close a match as possible.

  Agent Smith 10:40 03 Oct 2004

My cousin's mouse just died so we got one from comet but it was £20 Logitch. It wasn't compatable with his cordless keyboard but did come with its own receiver so not a problem but have a look on ebay. click here

  only me 11:01 03 Oct 2004

try serif

  Cook2 12:01 03 Oct 2004

Have spare batteries handy.

  joseph k. 13:31 03 Oct 2004

I have always found 'savastore' to be excellent suppliers of 'all and sundry'. Goto click here

  Agent Smith 14:49 03 Oct 2004

Good link Joseph, bookmarked.
Cook2. I always use rechargeable batteries for mice, digital cameras etc.

  SEASHANTY 15:16 03 Oct 2004

Staples branches were selling the TRUST deskset
(Wireless keyboard and optical mouse) at half price £19-99 about three weeks ago. Do not know if the offer is still on.

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