Mic & Soundcard Problem

  sil_ver 16:54 15 Oct 2006

Motherboard is ASUS A8V-X with the latest VIA chipset driver and I am using the onboard sound. A faraway friend was going to contact me on broadband so was hoping to have a chat. That's when I found that my mic wouldn't work so I tried another one, same result I went through all the sound options in windows and no, the mic wasn't muted. I thought I would install a sound card to check if the onboard mic port was dead. there was nothing in add/remove to remove except the MS HD Audio. I fitted the card and rebooted, disabling the onchip HD Audio in BIOS. Win XP started with no sound (as I expected). I installed the card driver and rebooted. Halfway through the boot I got BSOD so I tried to boot again with same result. Removed the card and managed to get into windows. I did a restore to before the installation and thought perhaps the MS High definition audio pack KB888111 was to blame so uninstalled it along with any leftovers from the sound card. I rebooted and got all manner of popups asking for drivers for PCI bus2 hardware. I had no hardware in any PCI slot so had to do a restore once again. I even tried a fresh copy of W2K just to see if it was an XP problem but had the same result. That's the story so far and my head is scratched sore.

  woodchip 17:00 15 Oct 2006

It's not the onboard sound, it's you failure to look in the right place. the sound speaker icon in the system tray near the clock, double click it or right click it you get a graphics box with sliders and also in that box go top right Properties for recording check Mic not muted

  woodchip 17:00 15 Oct 2006

PS if there is no sound icon, your sound drivers need loading

  sil_ver 19:23 15 Oct 2006

I did say I'd gone through all the sound options and that included the desktop icon. Nowhere is the mic muted. But why does the system crash when I try to install a soundcard (Fortissimo 7.1)??

  woodchip 19:36 15 Oct 2006

Irq problems most likely, Is a Creative card you are trying to install

  woodchip 19:45 15 Oct 2006

PS you should not have a problem with onboard sound. but you do need the drivers for sound loading from Motherboard CD

  sil_ver 21:11 15 Oct 2006

I have no problem with sound only the mic and the VIA mobo drivers were updated. No to Creative card altho' I do have a creative usb web cam, it's a Hercules soundcard that I was trying to install.

  Stuartli 21:23 15 Oct 2006

According to the specifications, the ADI AD1986A features a SoundMAX 6-channel High Definition Audio CODEC.


click here

Plus FAQ:

click here

  Stuartli 21:24 15 Oct 2006

...should read:

..the ASUS A8V-X features a SoundMAX etc....

  woodchip 21:26 15 Oct 2006

Is the mic duff as I had that problem this last week as I just loaded Dragon Dictate Professional. I had to use another mic

  Totally-braindead 21:28 15 Oct 2006

You could try just reinstalling the onboard sound drivers as woodchip suggested to someone else in another thread, it should put the sound option back to default.
I have my PC set up with a surround sound set up by the way and the way mine works it actually disables the mike as it uses that connector for one of the speakers. Just thought I would mention that in case you had a surround sound setup too.

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