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  tarkus 08:08 06 Apr 2004

hi all just got my letter from metronomy saying that unfortunatly they won't be able to process my order due to the fact that the roll out has been so sucsessful but it has come to metronmys attention that a minority of aplicants were not going to operate within there terms and conditions. now i don't really need their pc as got 4 + a server myself all networked through out my house, but thought i would see what the pc was like and what kind of adverts they were running and then let my daughter have it in her bedroom. how do they know that a minority of applicants wern't going to us the pc in the way they wanted or is the business model failing already. they have also stated that they are going to release only a limited no of these pc's in the 1st wave and then release some more in the autum my customer no was 15223 has anyone had athe same message or have they been given a date for the pc's delivery.

  spuds 11:26 06 Apr 2004

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Like all of these types of free offers, they never seem to materilise into anything of a success.To many people after a very limited supply.

  Graham ® 12:14 06 Apr 2004

As Gilbert O'Sullivan sang 'That's Metronomy'.

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