Methylated Spirits

  Inverjazz 07:59 20 Jun 2003

Is it safe to use meths for cleaning tape heads? I'm thinking about damage to insulation, plastics, etc.

  Jester2K II 08:02 20 Jun 2003

Use a cotton bud CAREFULLY

  -pops- 08:04 20 Jun 2003

You would be better with isopropyl alcohol. click here and search for item number RE71N


  Peverelli 08:14 20 Jun 2003

Jif (or Cif) on a cotton bud does the job safely, but make sure you remove the residue completely.

  -pops- 08:22 20 Jun 2003

Jif (Cif) contains abrasives and will wear down the surface of your tape heads (and anything else it is rubbed on to).

It will clean, yes, but at what cost?


  Peverelli 08:29 20 Jun 2003

The jif tip was given to me by the owner of a recording studio. I've been using it on a tape player for about 10 years and it still sounds good. I should've added that only a tiny amount is required.

  -pops- 08:32 20 Jun 2003

I was stating facts for Inverjazz to judge for himself whether he want to do this.

  Peverelli 08:42 20 Jun 2003

Fair enough :O)

  Inverjazz 09:24 20 Jun 2003

Thanks guys,

I had my doubts about meths. I'm using Maplin's Universal Head Cleaner at the moment but I'm not too sure about its efficiency. Isopropyl Alcohol is my preference, which I used to have a steady supply of until I retired. So I guess I'll now have to buy some!

  Agent Smith 09:33 20 Jun 2003

IPA. isopropyl Alcohol. Comes under many maufacturers labels and it used to be available from good chemists. I use it for all sorts of cleaning, optics, optical mirrors, audio and video heads and a proven tip for cleaning toner deposits from printer and fax drums (OPC, Organic Photo Conductors, selenium and CDS Cadmium DiSulphide) is a drop of spit and some of the same toner, applied very lightly, in a circular motion. Also be very careful when cleaning the mirros in copiers etc as they are FRONT silvered. This means that the are opposite to your mirror in the bathroom etc. They are FRONT sivered so that light is not distorted by having to pass through a layer of glass first. If in doubt contact the professionals.

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