meta tags / heads etc Help needed please

  Furkin 11:57 06 Aug 2006

Hi all,
I have a small web page,,,, that's been out there for a couple of years.
For some reason, I can't seem to get it noticed by google (although I did come across one page of it at one point - by accident !)
I thought that i'd sorted the meta tag bit / heads etc,,, but it still dosn't seem to work.
Has anyone the time to give me a hand please ?
many thanks

  Furkin 12:01 06 Aug 2006

You will realise that the whole site is very amateurish,,,, but I was chuffed as a 'first-timer'. I also welcome advice on smartening the whole thing up – as I only used Front Page so far.
Thanks for reading

  anchor 15:13 06 Aug 2006

I have no idea what you site is like; you did not give a link.

Here is the Google add a URL page:

click here

  Eric10 15:42 06 Aug 2006

The most likely reason why the search engines aren't picking you up is because there is very text on the pages for them to index. Also your images don't have any "alt" or "title" text within the image tags although you do have a label next to each image. "alt" text is read ok by IE while "title" text is read by IE, Firefox and Opera.
You could elaborate on your introduction by saying what the virtues of your products are and how they are used and this will allow you to introduce several keywords into the text. The more meaningful text you can include here the better. The keywords metatag isn't used much by search engines nowadays and can actually be detrimental if it includes lots of keywords that don't actually appear in the body of text on the page.

As for tidying up the site I'll just start with two things that stuck out to me. Lots and lots of none breaking spaces which don't serve any useful purpose. If you need to line elements up on the page then it is better to use simple CSS. For instance, rather than using the spaces to line up your images and labels you could use something like <p style="text-indent: 350px">. There are several other ways that may be suggested to you but this is a simple one to get the desired effect until you learn more about CSS.

Now to the cursor clock that is supposed to be on the home page but doesn't work. The text at the start of the script clearly states "Copy the coding into the HEAD of your HTML document" yet you have no less than 4 instances of the script (one after the other) at the start of the body section. If you really want this gimmicky clock then copy one instance of the script into the head section and delete the rest. Personally I would delete the lot as most people soon tire of things trailing behind the cursor and it doesn't work in Firefox anyway.

The address given by Furkin just needed www. in front of it as click here

  Eric10 16:08 06 Aug 2006

The site is also slow to load because the Merc Saloon photo is a massive 2040x1536 pixels and weighs in at 1.4MB but is only displayed at 95x71 pixels. If you resize this to the size it is displayed at and re-save it at 25% compression it comes down to 2.54KB. Some of your other pictures would benefit from the same treatment but this seems to be the worst one.

  Forum Editor 17:00 06 Aug 2006

At the bottom of Furkin's first post:-

click here

  Furkin 22:28 06 Aug 2006

Thanks all
1/ my link is, as given to me by the host. Whilst this actually works o.k, I should have included 'www' just to get it to 'auto' link on these & similar pages.
2/ I've been on the Google 'add url' page,,, & added the site a couple of times. It always say (para) "your site has been added" - but it dosn't help me at the moment.
Some great advice thanks. I didn't realise that the clock was still on there,,, & certainly not repeated ! I take your advice & will remove it completely.
I’ll have to look into my Photoshop bit to re size the pictures,,,, I didn’t realise that some were so big (file wise).
Thanks for your in-put also. As I say, I used FrontPage to make the pages,,, so didn’t get into the ‘code’ side of things,,, I have no idea what <h1> & <h2> is,,,, or even CSS. I asked for advice on this forum, and will act on everything said (I’ll certainly get rid of the whistles & bells)

It looks like I’ll need to go back (???) to the drawing board & start from scratch. I’ll need some basic help tho’ & would appreciate it if someone has the time to help me from the beginning.
I’ll understand if no one does.
Thanks so far.

  Furkin 09:07 08 Aug 2006

Thanks Member & Eric10,
I’ve made a start on rectifying the index page at least. I’ve got rid of the clock/s & marquee.
I’ve also got rid of tons of nbs’s & replaced with <indent> etc.
Am not sure how to re size the pictures. If I make them smaller on Photoshop, then they are smaller in physical size !
I just need to double check my links before I upload it (I’ve done the corrections on a different machine)
As you see, I need lots of help,,, unfortunately I have just had a death in my family, so will be back peddling on my own stuff for a while,,, it still has to be sorted, so please feel free to continue with your help/advice.
If my links are o.k, I’ll have the index page uploaded later in the day.
Thanks again

  Eric10 10:57 08 Aug 2006

The point of resizing the pictures in your photo editor is to make them the same physical size as you are displaying them on the page. At the moment you are using large pictures and making them appear smaller by specifying a size in FrontPage. In the extreme case of the thumbnail of the Merc on your home page it is set to display at 95 x 71 pixels in a browser but the actual size of the picture is 2040 x 1536 pixels and all of this has to be downloaded just to display it at the thumbnail size. You should have separate photos for displaying on a page and for thumbnails and their physical size should be the same as they are displayed at.

While on the subject of pictures and files, I notice that many of your filenames have spaces in them which is not considered good practice for web design. When the browser comes across a space in a filename it has to replace it with '%20' and this can make it more difficult that necessary when trouble shooting. Also mixing capitals and lowercase can cause similar problems as the Web is case sensitive while your PC isn't so things that appear ok when run on your PC may have unforseen problems when put on the Web. While you are redesigning, this would be a good time to decide on a convention for all filenames and stick to that. One common convention is to use only lowercase and to use the underscore character '_' instead of a space.

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