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  bagpuss3008 14:34 23 Jul 2003

Could somebody please tell me if my thinking is correct here!
Are meta tags designed for people who want to use search engines?
Where do they go in terms of html text and how am able to know if they work!??
Thankyou for any replies, I hope i am right in thinking they are used for search engine searches, if not, how do i go about this?

  Falkyrn 17:29 23 Jul 2003

Quote from textbook "The META element provides a place to put mta information that is not defined by the other HEAD Elements.This allows an author to more richly describe the document content for indexing and cataloguing ... "

an example is META Name= "Keywords" Content=" pets,dogs,cats,rocks,lizards,supplies"

In terms of html text they go after < HEAD > and before < Body >

Some search engines use them although there are other uses eg using redirect to automatically transfer to another page or web site many basic meta tags define the document by identifying the character set used the program used to create them etc.

some info re search engine placement can be found click here

  Forum Editor 00:23 25 Jul 2003

were an essential component of a well-designed web site are past. It's no longer necessary to include these tags as search engines work differently nowadays.

Spend time on ensuring that all your hyperlinks are working properly, and that you update your pages regularly - and leave the rest to the search engines, they'll find you.

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