MessengerDiscovery Loader 2

  SakiKitty 08:41 03 May 2008

I know someone has already had this problem, and someone helped them by giving them by giving them a link to the Windows Messenger Discovery Forum topic... see the thing is i never downloaded that *[email protected]:ty program. I know its a trojan in disguise. All i did was download Windows Live Messenger and now everytime it starts, it tells me

MessengerDiscovery Loader 2

Registry open error.
Please reinstall or seek help from our forums.

I looked at the forum topic and did all the steps but i didnt have to (or couldnt). None of that stuff was there. None of the registry things or .dll's or anything.
What can i do?!

  birdface 09:55 03 May 2008

This the here

  SakiKitty 20:36 03 May 2008

But that topic cant help me because i never downloaded the program, therefore i dont have any of the registry items or folders. I looked.

  birdface 22:47 03 May 2008

Windows Live messenger.probably not the problem but did you download Messenger Plus as well.It will show in add remove if you did.

  birdface 23:03 03 May 2008 bet is to go the Malware Removal Forum,Download HJT from there and post it in that forum.They will take a few few days to get back to you as they are kept busy.If you are going to Google the problem I would download and run mcAfee Site Advisor as there is a lot of bad sites when you here

  SakiKitty 02:32 04 May 2008

So you want me to post a HiJackThis list in the forums?
I already own that program and am pretty knowledgeable in using it, but i suppose i will do that.

  birdface 09:05 04 May 2008

The malwareRemoval Forum will help you get your computer clean again.Its either that or wait until someone can post a fix for it.I have Googled it but there is a lot of bad sites out there and no one with a proper fix.

  SakiKitty 09:06 04 May 2008

Alright, thanks.

  birdface 09:29 04 May 2008

When you downloaded Windows Live messenger maybe you downloaded the add on with it.Maybe it was part of MSN Messenger before you upgraded to Windows messenger.I don't suppose deleting Windows Messenger running C Cleaner then reinstalling it would work.This from an MSN here

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