messenger service pop ups??????? all day!

  second best 23:01 08 Apr 2003

hi, it seems recently, but i can't be sure it hasn't always been happening, that i recieve a lot of 'messenger service' pop-ups. these can often, or always interrupt my applications whatever im using, either online gaming or while im connected and using a program such as premiere. is there an option in msn messenger( i presume its linked to this) where i can disable pop- ups? is this a common problem using win 2000 pro, or is it messenger.????????

  VoG™ 23:05 08 Apr 2003

click here and follow the links.

  second best 23:18 08 Apr 2003

thnxs alot vog, that the quickest and best info i've had so far on this forum, although all advice is greatfully appreciated. again, thnx alot.

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