Messenger question

  gazmix 16:44 01 Mar 2007

This may be my shortest thread on here ever!
Is it possible to re-read msn messenger7.5 conversations i have had with someone from, for example, last night.
If so, how!!
I maybe think i can't, but am just checking.

  skidzy 16:52 01 Mar 2007

Yes ....

But only if it is ticked to record the converstations within the tools menu.

The logs should be in your docs unless you specified another location.

  skidzy 16:54 01 Mar 2007

In Messenger goto Tools/Messages/ any saved conversations and the location path should be shown.

  gazmix 17:01 01 Mar 2007

Skidzy, well i guess i'm kinda bugge&ed then as the tab isn't checked!:( I needed to see what someone told me last night!
I guess there's no other way, maybe the conversation is stored somewhere else on pc!
Clutching at straws now i know!

  skidzy 17:08 01 Mar 2007

Sorry Gaz,looks like you know what to do from now on.

I dont think you will find the logs if this was not ticked.I have a similar problem with the kids,they untick it all the its hard to keep track on them.

  gazmix 17:18 01 Mar 2007

ok cheers, just need a time machine hehe. If only comes to mind!!!

  Diversion 17:37 01 Mar 2007

You may be able to find it under recent files, under dacuments & settings but you will have to make the hidden files visible.

  gazmix 18:00 01 Mar 2007

I can't find 'recent files' in 'my documents', can you explain how i do this?

  Diversion 21:31 01 Mar 2007

Click on start, my computer, C: drive, documents and settings. Then you will have to click on tools on the taskbar at the top of the screen, go down to folder options click on the veiw tab. Go down to Hidden files and folders, click on show hidden files and folders. Click on your name, and you will see the recent files folder a lighter colour than the normal folders because it is a hidden folder. I don't know if it will be there it's just a guess, don't forget to change you settings back after.

  gazmix 12:59 02 Mar 2007

I've got as far as 'click on show hidden files & folders', but can't seem to see my name anywhere!

I guess when i click 'apply' & then ok, it goes back to Documents & Settings & it shows 3 files.
1. All users
2. Default user (lighter colour)
3. User

There default user i guess is my name! I clicked on that & it came up with a lot of files that were lighter in colour. Which could it be in!! Would it say 'messenger'.

There is:-
application data
local settings
send too

Which one of the above may it be in?

all of which are lighter.
Was i right clicking 'default user' as this was the only lighter one, the other 2 were yellow. The other 2 also showed similar 'light coloured' files.

  Kat440 13:29 02 Mar 2007

With version 7.5 unless the boxed is ticked to record conversations then there isn't a lot you can do i am afraid(unless any one else knows something i don't!!??)

I am remembering back from when i had that version of messenger but have had live messenger for quite a while now and i know you can trace the conversations on that version whether you want to or not.


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