Messenger Popups - Grrrr

  racoonboy 12:30 09 Apr 2003

Hi All,

Its getting worse. About three an hour now. You know what I'm talking about - Messenger Alert popups, for example "" and "get a college degree just by picking your nose", that kind of thing.

Does XP have any built-in features to stop these? And how are they being broadcast anyway? My guess is that the advert companies just send out messages to every IP number they can think of. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.


  JoeC 12:33 09 Apr 2003

( Courtesy of click here )
This isn't spyware or adware. It's the messaging service built into Windows which is being used by spammers.(Windows Messenger - not .Net Messenger ).
To get rid of it,turn off the messaging service.
Windows 2000 and XP:- Go Start > Run > type in services.msc.Double-click on Messenger and in the Messenger Properties window, select Stop, then choose Disable as the Startup Type.Click OK.
Windows 95, 98, and ME:- Go to Control Panel and Add/Remove.Select Windows Setup.Select System Tools.Click Details.Uncheck WinPopUp.Click OK.

  racoonboy 12:39 09 Apr 2003

Thanks Joe.

I've set it to disabled on startup as suggested. I will give it a couple of days, and if I get no more messages will post as resolved.

In the meantime, is there a way of tracing what IP address these are sent from, and bombarding them with messages somehow? There is a sweetness only found on the other side of revenge!


  JoeC 12:41 09 Apr 2003

No, there isn't ! : }

  racoonboy 12:50 09 Apr 2003

A long answer?

  JoeC 14:00 09 Apr 2003

No, there is virtually no way you can do it as the senders of this garbage change " addresses " all the time. A shame though ! : }}

  Uncle Den 14:31 09 Apr 2003

Does Advertising Preferences stop them - as the telephone Preference Service stops unwanted phone call?

  Legolas 14:44 09 Apr 2003

I very much doubt it as Advertising Preferences click here are dependant on the e-mail senders being members of the Direct Marketing Association and agreeing not to send e-mails to anyone who have signed up at the site I gave the link to.

  Aljen 17:36 10 Apr 2003

Try Pop-Up Stopper. A Freebie programme from

  racoonboy 17:42 10 Apr 2003

Thanks JoeC,

I've been online for 1 1/2 days nonstop now, and not had a single popup. Thanks for your help.


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