Messenger Plus! 3 - Open Invitation for spyware?

  Taff36 16:24 14 Jun 2005

Having cleaned a mate`s computer last month using HiJack this and every Anti-Spyware programme I use (Round up all the usual Suspects) It`s back again! Run HijackThis plus all the others - Clean Log again. Connected to the internet and wham! Win32: Trojan-gen within 30 minutes plus a "Security Warning Alert" which led me to a search page that sort of looked like it was from MSN and links to porn sites.

I suspect my friends teenagers have something to do with this because Messenger Plus! 3 is installed and although I haven`t logged in at start up all this happened. I don`t have any experience of any Messenger type programmes but should I be suspicious of it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 14 Jun 2005

Messanger plus installs all sorts of spyware if you agree without reading the license. If you have cleaned it but it is returning perhaps it is in the restore files.

switch off system restore clean it reboot and rescan if still clean then switch restore back on.

  Taff36 17:38 14 Jun 2005

Thanks Fruit Bat - I did as you suggested last time and thought I`d done it right but whatever it is has returned. Thanks for reminding me though - turn system restore back on!

  Taff36 07:35 15 Jun 2005


  gudgulf 10:49 15 Jun 2005

It's probably more to do with the way the teenagers use the web and the fact that the malware mongers are well of that than Messenger Plus alone.Messenger Plus is affiliated to one such adware firm and it installs adware/tracking software from c2/lop if you don't refuse this on installation.I have a similar situation with my neighbour,who's teenage sons are addicted to instant messaging.They love the free smilies for example and many of the free downloads they are tempted contain spyware/trojans etc.Same goes for infected messages and links.....if they get a message from what appears to be a mate with a click here in it,guess what.....they do.

After I've cleaned the pc it normally only takes a few weeks for it to grind to a halt once more.

I would uninstall Messenger Plus and clear the pc of any nasties(again)......Check if they really need Messenger Plus and if they wont do without it then reinstall it yourself and be sure to say NO to the additional installation of software from the "sponsors" as that is the malware.If you haven't put SpywareBlater on the pc I suggest you do and Spybot S&D has a usefull "Immunise" feature that adds to SpywareBlasters protection.Spybot also has an easily applied hosts file list which will block a large number of untoward sites, which might also slow down reinfection of the pc.

In the long term I don't know of any programs that can easily applied to teenagers that makes them more security conscious and they are notoriously difficult to uninstall from a pc.Maybe someone else knows of a cure,lol.

  gudgulf 10:50 15 Jun 2005


Make that SpywareBlaster.

  Taff36 22:06 15 Jun 2005

Thank You for your post - and everyone else of course! I`ve installed Spyware "Blater" .... OK Blaster and S&D but you`ve confirmed what I`ve thought. The fact that this is the second time I`ve removed the computer from the kids & they were desperate after 3 days to get it back. Warned the parents that "it will happen again" and next time I will keep it for 5 days (with parents blessing). Next step is I follow your advice and rather like the warning about "Unprotected sex" their parents reckon they might listen to me and be more responsible for their "surfing". OK - who`s going to sort out my son?

But you get the picture ! Sometimes we pay consultants to tell us what we already know and it gets through because someone else tells us what we already know. Don`t shoot the messenger!

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