Messenger Keeps Cutting Out

  Trolley 20:48 10 Feb 2003

I have the latest version of MSN Messenger. I have win98, athlon xp2200, 256ram and 56k dialup connection.

I have no problems surfing the net, however when I use messenger it keeps cutting out.

Any suggestions?

  scooby43 21:16 10 Feb 2003

Hi Trolley

does it cut off when doing certain things like
1)just normal surfing

2)have you been downloading at the same time because I have found it cuts out when doing downloads?


  Trolley 08:25 12 Feb 2003

neither just cuts off even when only messenger is open

  « Ravin » 10:43 12 Feb 2003

sometimes msn disconnects when it thinks there's no internet connection. this normally happens during heavy surfing or when you're downloading a lot of large files.

are you on dial up or bb?

  « Ravin » 15:28 12 Feb 2003


  Ellie3009 15:39 12 Feb 2003

I have also been having this problem lately, also running the current version of messenger under win98se.

It seemed to develop only after downloading the current version of messenger, the older version never gave me any problems.

I'm on dialup, but usually only have one IE window open and sometimes Outlook express, so I don't think it can be to do with heavy downloading.

Anyone got a clever solution?

  Trolley 15:40 12 Feb 2003

i'm on dialup. I too had no problems before upgrading to the latest version.

Aren't upgrades meant to make things better?

  « Ravin » 15:45 12 Feb 2003

not really..generally never upgrade unless you really need it.

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