Messenger 6.0 Virus problem ? ? ?

  tricky40 23:50 21 Feb 2005

I clicked on a link sent to me by a friend in MSN messenger - it looked as if all my contacts flashed on screen + messenger logged off. When i log back on it logs back off again str8 away

  Dan the Confused 00:11 22 Feb 2005

Don't use MSN Messenger, so I don't know if it's a specific problem with that but it may be worth checking for spyware:

Ad-aware SE click here Spybot S&D click hereclick here AntiSpyware (XP/2K only) click here

  tricky40 00:29 22 Feb 2005

have tried what u suggested but dont find anything - the problem exists with both MSN + Windows messenger

  Dan the Confused 00:45 22 Feb 2005

That was quick! Are you sure you updated and ran all of them? If so, at least it shows your problem isn't caused by spyware. I don't know what else could cause it, but perhaps another member might.

  end 01:51 22 Feb 2005

u have MSN and windows messenger on there?

in my experience Windows messenger is known to have "unwanted things" in it, there fore refused to have it on my PC.

What is your OS please as some progrmas are not compatible with some systems

and always a good idea to not click on links from friends unless you can be as 100%certain as possible that their machine is not infected:)

  end 11:02 22 Feb 2005

have you run all the tests as suggested above

have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the MSN ( au updated version of it is now available)

are you as sure as you can be that the friends machines are freee of all bugs, viruses and malaware

I am only using MSN with people who I know are "hot" on keeping their machines "clean" .

and you have no idea from where that person who sent you the link got the link, nor how clean their machine is, do you?

you may wish to uninstall both programs, run full checks on your machine and perhaps ask for a hijac log to be examined to ensure you are "clean"

let the forum know how you get on and if you would like more help with this:)

  ACOLYTE 12:59 22 Feb 2005

Found some info this is the funnerworm so dont know if it is what you have.

Upon infection, the worm attempts to spread itself through the host's MSN Messenger contact list. In addition, the worm alters the Windows's host file, adding more than 900 URLs, reportedly Asian pornography and gaming sites.
This more volatile situation will come when the IM presents a "hostile link" to a Web page that actually contains the exploit, or code that will be downloaded and then executed. When you're in an instant messaging environment you have a message that pops up and catches your attention, usually from a trusted individual. That's inherently different from e-mail and these worms have the potential to travel faster than e-mail worms.
So you may want to check your hosts file and do an online Virus check also i would change your MSN password when you have it cleared up.

  tricky40 21:34 22 Feb 2005

Found an answer at the following site - click here

The problem was that messenger (both Windows + MSN) would start up and close after a couple of seconds, but the following article cured it, Nortons never even got a sniff of it either (op system is WindowsXP)

- Close msn messenger
- Go to start then run
- type in msconfig and the new window will appear
- Click on the tab at the top right that startup
- Look for the file 'ISASS' and un tick the box, there might be quite a few.

Dont know what the virus is - but it works now - thanks again folks for all your help.

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