messages saying memory resource low

  LJC 10:50 10 Nov 2004

A friend of mine frequently gets this message. "memory resource low" I know every body should know this but does it mean Hard disk space low or need more RAM ??


  bathjobby 11:37 10 Nov 2004

It means what it say on the can i.e. memory is low. When the disk space is getting low (usually below 200mb remaining, you will get a 'disk space low' warning. Memory low is usually too many programs running or too many windows open, many IE sessions will eat up your memory, but you didn't say how much was available. (also, badly writtem programs which don't release memory back to Windows could cause this, is there a common denominator either in progs running at the time, or just losts of windows / sessions ?)

  LJC 11:41 10 Nov 2004

Thanks bathjobby, he say it pops up when using scandisk or defrag, nether of which seem to work properly

  bathjobby 11:54 16 Nov 2004

Maybe he doesn't have much memory ! The thing with defrag is that you need to have everything else shut down. So if he has antivirus software, firewalls, scheduled events, etc (all sitting quietly in the background), close everything down before running (making sure that his internet connection is disconnected first).

  LJC 13:01 16 Nov 2004

Ok Bathjobby I will give all of that a try. Many thanks for your help.

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