message tag problem

  justkevin 23:58 20 Jan 2008

Has anyone any knowledge of this email tagging programme? I have used it for a couple of years but recently it isn't working at all ,even the the icon in the taskbar shows it is connected and should in theory tag all emails

  rawprawn 07:26 21 Jan 2008

Do you mean MSGTAG?

  bretsky 10:09 21 Jan 2008

IF you mean MSGtag, I find this program a very hit n miss affair with about 75% of emails being tagged. What version have you got?

bretsky ;0)

  justkevin 12:54 21 Jan 2008

I've got version it used to be very reliable before they brought out the paid version.Is there an alternative out there

  bretsky 13:25 21 Jan 2008

I use Status and at the moment I think I've uncovered a bug in the program as I cannot send mail through M/tag without the tagging switched off, eg no tagging on mails sent, if I try, I get an error message about "nested mail command". I'm still waiting to here back from the developers for a fix to this problem, so if I need to send an email without tagging I have to reset T/bird port settings to default.

Also I can send an email to a friend one day and get a tag back and then send an email to the same recipient another day, and nothing and when I speak to this recipient he says he has opened it.
That could be put down to sever bottleneck problems and ISP fire walling the tag code?

Their support is generally very good but obviously this problem with the nested mail has completely foxed them as the problem was reported on the 12.11.2007...emailed them on Sat to get an update to the situation.

Apologies to wander of your initial question justkevin!

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 13:28 21 Jan 2008

Should be "Waiting to hear back" and "wander off"

bretsky ;0)

  rawprawn 13:46 21 Jan 2008

I would uninstall MSGTAG then redownload and reinstall it.
I used to use it no problems with XP, but it doesn't seem to like Vista, so I unistalled it completely.

  justkevin 15:38 21 Jan 2008

I am running windows 2000 pro if that makes a difference.Iunderstand that "emails can't be sent if msgtag is uninstalled unless all settings for all email names are reentered."

  €dstowe 15:48 21 Jan 2008

I've used MSGTAG for many years without any problems at all until recently when a client in Canada did not receive any emails from me either from my BT address or my own domain. Had to resort to FAX until one day, the customer changed his ISP and magically everything was in order. It turned out, as has been hinted at, that the previous ISP had been blocking the tag coding.

  bretsky 16:50 21 Jan 2008

"It turned out, as has been hinted at, that the previous ISP had been blocking the tag coding"

Yes, because I seem to remember that the code they use is sometimes seen as malicious and that's why they introduced a facility called Mutual Mail whereby the recipient can choose to except or decline the email in the conventional way when a dialogue box is popped up upon recent of the email to the recipient.
This facility is only available on the Status program and should only be used to "Known blockers"

bretsky ;0)

  justkevin 17:42 21 Jan 2008

What Is the status programme?

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