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  rose3 10:36 21 Oct 2009

Hi there,

I'm writing on behalf of my Mum. She has been having problems with her computer for a long time, running slow, slow to start up etc...the usual, and I said I would check it out for her. I am no expert, but am not a novice either, I know a little bit about computers so did what I could.

She has Windows XP which she uses on a Dell computer. I cleaned up her start up using msconfig, and disabled things she did not want to run at start up and also uninstalled programmes she no longer used using revouninstaller. I removed her virus software as it was out of date and replaced it with Avast! This found a couple of viruses which I subsequently deleted. I installed CCleaner and Glary Utilities to clean up the registry. She has told me that her computer is much faster now at start up and also loading web pages.

However, there is one thing that was not fixed and I am unsure as to what to do about it. My Mum shuts down her computer in the correct way, by going to the start menu and then to shut down. However when she starts up the computer she gets a message come up on the black screen with white writing which says...

'We apologise for the inconvenience but windows did not start successfully - a recent hardware or software change might have caused this. If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders choose last known good configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked. If a previous startup attempt was interupted due to a power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose start windows normally' (it then gives options to start up which are; safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, last known good configuration and start windows normally)

I sometimes get this message on my own computer when my computer crashes unexpectedly. But there is no known reason for my Mum's computer to be doing this. She gets this message every single time she turns on her computer and it has not just started since I have had a play around with it, according to my Mum this has been happening for as long as she can remember.

What is causing this? Any ideas? I am not at my Mum's at the moment, I am on my own computer at home, but if you could give me some advice etc then I can head down there later and try and sort it out for her.

Appreciate your time, thanks.

  woodchip 10:48 21 Oct 2009

It because you have done changes in MSCONFIG, next time it shows tick the little box left bottom corner of message not show it again

  rose3 10:52 21 Oct 2009

No it's not that message. That message comes up once the computer has started up. This has been going on for years, not since I have made changes. It is when you first turn computer on, screen is black and it has white writing. I know the message you are on about, and it is not that.

  woodchip 10:59 21 Oct 2009

When you get into Windows do a Disc Check going through My computer to do it and tick the box to fix any errors automatic, do a full scan

  rose3 11:53 21 Oct 2009

Is that the error checking scan or the disk clean up?

  woodchip 12:36 21 Oct 2009

Error Check, Double click My Computer Right click on C:\ then click Properties\Tools\Disc checker put a tick in the Box to Fix errors and do a Full Scan

  rose3 15:47 21 Oct 2009

Ok, I have done the error check scan and the message is still coming up when the computer is turned on. Thank you for your advice though. Anyone have any other ideas?

  woodchip 17:28 21 Oct 2009

If you have the same System Disc like XP Home or XP Pro as your Mother you can Use it to check System Files. In the Run Box Type

SFC /SCANNOW note the space before /
press enter you may need to Put the CD in for it to restore any bad files.

You can also Right Click My Computer\Manage\ Think its may be Services! But look for Event Viewer you can check for errors in the log. Make a note of what it says

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