Message on start up , what does it mean?

  Kingwraith 10:21 21 Jun 2003

I have been recieving the following message when my system is booting up.
I dont know what it means or how to remove it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

c:\>set path=set path="c:\windows;c:windows;c windows\command;c:\ptc\proe 2000i\bin@;c:\progra1\common1\mgisha 1\video
syntax error

  -pops- 10:47 21 Jun 2003

There are lots of things going on at startup, many of them hidden from view but would possibly cause apoplexy if you saw them.

Does your computer work OK?

If it does, I wouldn't worry about it.


  Gongoozler 11:37 21 Jun 2003

Hi Kingwraith. The message is caused by a line in Autoexec.bat. These are DOS files that set up initial conditions before Windows is loaded. Once Windows has booted they have no further use. If your computer is behaving normally other than this message, then you can ignore the message, edit Autoexec.bat to remove the offending line or edit Autoexec.bat to add the word rem before the offending line.

I think the error is the duplication of "set path =", so the line should be

set path=c:\windows;c:windows;c windows\command;c:\ptc\proe 2000i\bin@;c:\progra1\common1\mgisha 1\video

If you want to make the change, open Notepad and then in the C drive open the file autoexec.bat (you will need to change from txt files to All files (*.*). Save the autoexec.bat file as autoexec.old (this is a safety precaution in case you want to restore it. The make either of the changes I suggested, so you will have either of the following:

set path=c:\windows;c:windows;c windows\command;c:\ptc\proe 2000i\bin@;c:\progra1\common1\mgisha 1\video


rem set path=set path="c:\windows;c:windows;c windows\command;c:\ptc\proe 2000i\bin@;c:\progra1\common1\mgisha 1\video

(both will be all on one line). Don't change any other lines that you may have. Save the file as autoexec.bat.

The first option will hopefully restore the command as it should have been, the second will tell your computer to ignore the line

  Gongoozler 12:34 21 Jun 2003

I have just been checking in my DOS reference book, and looking at my AUTOEXEC.BAT file. I think I can see what the syntax error is.

First some clarification. the list of entries after "path=" in your autoexec.bat "c:\windows;c:windows;c windows\command;c:\ptc\proe 2000i\bin@;c:\progra1\common1\mgisha 1\video" are possible places in your hard drive that your computer is being told to look for executable files, probably associated with a driver or utility you have installed.

"PATH= " tells the computer that these are the places to look.

Your autoexec.bat (capitals or lower case are equal in DOS) also has the command SET PATH=. In my AUTOEXEC.BAT this section is SET PATH=%PATH%;, and I think this is the important difference. My knowledge of DOS isn't good enough for me to be certain what the correct syntax is, but I do nnow that "set path=set path=" is wrong.

Fortunately this has no effect on operation once Windows has booted.

In investigating this I found that someone else is also looking for the answer to exactly the same error message click here

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