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  ktheed1 13:34 28 May 2003

Hi i have just started a dating buisiness click here and wish to use the message service as other site do to advertise, does anyone know hoe i go about doing this thanks a lot kieron theed

your adverts will not be seen by many people if you use this service because most people use a firewall that blocks these messages out.

  Dr. Charles 14:30 28 May 2003

Strange, I used my firewall and adstopper and they came up OK.

I don`t fancy yours horiz5 - - - lol

  ktheed1 00:47 22 Jun 2003

my new site address is i had to change it due to legal reasons with,

but anyway has anyone else got any ideas of how i can get the software to do this type of advertising


  jazzypop 00:53 22 Jun 2003

If you did start to use Windows Messenger Service to advertise your site, I suspect the only reaction you would get would be a very negative one.

This Forum receives countless threads asking how to stop unwarranted and unwanted advertising popping up on their screen, usually with a few ill-concealed expletives to go with their request for help.

If you don't want to needlessly annoy many people, find another method. If you take the 'don't care' attitude, and intend to use it anyway, you will have to work it out without my help.

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