Message - Limited Virtual Memory

  Gran 15:52 16 Aug 2007


During start-up, just after the Welcome screen, the above message appears with the info that my system has no paging file, or that the paging file is too small. My system is Win XP Pro with SP2.

I have tried resetting the page file via Control Panel dialogues. Tried both manually specifying file size, and using System Managed sizing at different times. The message still appears. I have tried moving the page file to another hard drive (it is now back on drive 'C'). There really is tons of spare capacity on my C drive though. None of this has worked. Luckily the system automatically sets a small temp page file which allows me to log on and work.

I recently installed the latest level of Diskeeper 2007, so fragmentation is at a minimum. Wondering about uninstalling this prog as a check though?

MS Knowledge Base recommends that permissions are set to "Administrators" with Full Control, for this problem. This already is the case with my system. I've seen a thread elsewhere that recommends permissions be set to "Everyone". I'm not too happy about messing with permission settings though.

Currently I can still start up and work, but am concerned that this will only get worse. I'm trying to avoid another XP re-install if poss.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Thank you


  brundle 17:09 16 Aug 2007

Set the paging file to 0 (minimum and maximum), reboot, set the paging file to `system managed`, reboot. Unless you've already tried that.

  Gran 18:18 16 Aug 2007

Thank you. No I haven't tried that yet, so I'll do it next and see what happens. Will update towmorrow.

  Gran 14:12 17 Aug 2007


I've now carried out your suggestion. I zeroed the old page file, and then re-allocated to 'sys managed'. It appears to have created a brand new page file, because when I did the re-allocation it asked if I would allow it to overwrite the old existing one. So I now appear to be starting off again with a nice new uncorrupted page file.

Thank you for the suggestion. It is now a matter of monitoring for a few days to see if the prob has gone away. I'll update IDC.

  Gran 12:01 27 Aug 2007

The page file problem seems to have finally settled down again.

I carried out your suggestion of zeroing it, and it certainly made a huge difference but didn't completely stop the message. Since then I've added more RAM and increased it from 1Gb to 3Gb. I've also removed a Matrox video editing card and the accompanying software. So for the past few days, no message complaining about the page file.

I'll close this incident as resolved and keep my fingers crossed that things now remain stable.

Thank you again for your help Brundle.


  Gran 12:03 27 Aug 2007

Now resolved

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