Message from Comodo about Avast

  hawthorn59 01:06 08 Dec 2007

Im trying to register the trial version of Avast anti virus. When I go to register Comodo Firewall gives me this message:

"Firefox is trying to act as server
Parent: ashDisp.exe

C:\ProgrammeFiles\AlwilSoftware\Avast4\ashDisp.exe has modified the user interface if firefox.exe by sending special windows messages. Any programme trying to modify another programme using this message may be a sign of trojan activity"

And this is only 1 of 20 requests!

This confueses me greatly. That looks a fairly strong message warning. Yet Avast is surely safe. If it is, then why is Comodo alarming me like this?
And if Avast IS safe why is it sending "special messages" to modify the interface?

Comodo comes up with a lot of warnings like this; usually i ignore them as I dont know what else to do. Would i be better off, as someone suggested, with the free version of Kerio which wont give as many options??!!

And incidently, as I write this, pcadvisor page wont fully load. I still have the mouse timer on screen. I think there is some problem somewhere, Firefox wont load some pages unless I delete all cookies. Hope i havent a jumbled up pc!



  Kemistri 01:42 08 Dec 2007

Tick one of any of the boxes (no need to scroll through them) and allow it. Comodo loves giving warnings about cross-application and parent activity. You can turn that part off if it really proves to be too much.

  C3 01:50 08 Dec 2007

It'll be safe to let that through the firewall. It's just part of the Avast program. Put a tick in the box and click Allow.
The best way to look at it is :

Look where the connection originated. You say it came from the Avast4 folder, so as you were trying to install/register the program at the time, you know that whatever you were doing caused this to appear.

The messages to be wary of are ones that appear when you aren't doing anything in particular. If you don't know or recognise the file that is trying to access the 'net then open up your browser, type in the file name into Google and usually one of the top 3 or 4 links will give you information about the file, so you can judge if it is something that is fine to let through or is something malicious.

A firewall doesn't know if a product is safe until you tell it to.
Saying that, the new version of the Comodo firewall (version 3.0) has a "safelist" built into it, but this is still fairly new so may not have most of the normal everyday software in it yet. Over the next few months I expect this list to grow, so most normal programs will be able to get through the firewall without any popups.

  Andsome 08:53 08 Dec 2007

I too was getting irritated with constant messages from Comodo. I did not mind the first message regarding a program, but most of them were repeats, even after I had ticked the 'remember this action' box. I am more than happy with the new Nod 32 full security suite. I get ONE message, and the program remembers what action I selected. You can try it free for 30 days.

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