'Message Center' popup - friend or foe?

  polymath 21:02 14 Jun 2005

Sorry if it's been answered before, but the Forum Search isn't working for me today.

Every few days, while downloading emails, I get a small, bluish popup titled 'Message Center', saying I have 2 messages. I always just close the popup (from its taskbar icon, not the cross on the popup). Today's popup mentioned 'Rolling Stones, hot photos, steamy vids'.
Am I right not to touch it with a bargepole, or could it be part of an innocent instant messaging program? (I have none enabled, but my settings could have got corrupted).

Incidentally, today's BBC Working Lunch program had an item on rogue diallers, and how some are activated by clicking the cross on a popup. They said that was the only way to get rid of the popups, but I thought closing them from the taskbar was safe. Is it?

I use Trend PC-Cillin Internet Security ver. 11, which uses popup messages. Can Pop-up-stopper and the like be told to accept certain popups?

  square eyes 21:10 14 Jun 2005

Go into control panel, selct admin tools, then slect services, scroll down the list to find messanger, right click and propeties, you should then find a way to disable this function.

This method solved my problem with officialy annoying looking messages

hope this works

  VoG II 21:15 14 Jun 2005

Is it click here

  square eyes 21:16 14 Jun 2005

sorry about spelling mistakes but i think you'll understand, pretty sure this will solve it tho :)

  polymath 21:00 16 Jun 2005

It's similar, VoG - same colours but the border's all the way round, and it says 'Message Center' at the top (do Windows Messenger popups say that? I've never used it).
Thanks for the link. Sorry - I forgot to mention I use Win98SE, and the web page tells me Messenger Service can't be disabled in 98 or ME.

Thanks Square Eyes, but I have no Admin Tools in Control Panel (sorry again to waste your time by forgetting to mention my OS!)

I'll look for any Messenger files that I can safely delete (or rename in case I ever want Messenger). Otherwise, it looks as if I'll just have to live with the small inconvenience of zapping the popup every few days (I don't close popups from their own Xs, so should be safe)

  VoG II 21:09 16 Jun 2005

My link was about Messenger Service which is not the same as Windows Messenger. See this: click here

In any case, if you are on 98 I don't think that this is the cause of the pop-ups.

  polymath 21:58 16 Jun 2005

Yes - sorry Vog, I meant Messenger Service. As you point out, it can't be that that's facilitating the popups in my case.

Perhaps I'll just have a rummage in Startup, Add/remove Programs, Windows components etc, in case something's got un-diabled.

  polymath 22:00 16 Jun 2005

My turn to apologise for spelling - I meant nothing more sinister than 'un-disabled'.

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