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  seagulls 16:33 04 Nov 2006

I purchased a Mesh Matrix64 3200 system two and a half years ago with a three year on site hardware warranty. I am now into my fifth major system failure, one of which was repaired via the telephone, one by an engineer visiting on site and the last two by having to return the machine to Mesh. I have only had the machine back for five days after Mesh took over 5 weeks to replace faulty hard drives. Today the system refuses to boot either in normal mode or via Norton Go Back. When I tried to boot from the Mesh recovery system I was faced with a message that said no valid Windows operating system could be found and that I should contact Mesh.

I work from home and am getting fed up with being without my pc for weeks at a time especially after paying for the extended warranty. It seems that I have three choices. Firstly to contact Mesh on Monday and then get told to return the machine and be without it for weeks again. Secondly forget Mesh and take it to a local pc repair shop and get it back the next day. Thirdly kick up as much fuss as possible with Mesh in the hope that they might replace the machine. It is probably coincidence but earlier this week after five weeks of Mesh saying they had not got round to looking at the machine, within hours of e-mailing them to threaten action in the small claims court, they rang me to say they had repaired the machine and would return it the next day.

Sorry, this is more of a cathartic rant than a request for help, but if anyone has any practical suggestions they will be gratefully received!

  johnnyrocker 19:49 04 Nov 2006

firstly put mesh in the search and you may pick up some tips, secondly it is probably better to post in consumer watch. (ok stuart? ;))


  spuds 21:11 04 Nov 2006

You have a number of rights under consumer law. Contact click here click here

If you purchased via a credit card or a computer finance agreement, then contact the provider. They have 'equal liability' under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act to help put things right.

  seagulls 16:17 05 Nov 2006

Thanks johnny and spuds

  1minute 08:31 06 Nov 2006

contact bbc watchdog

  leighrogers 10:02 06 Nov 2006


Its a hard choice, I feel I must defend MESH as they have always been great with me. I'm a Fujitsu Siemens engineer and on the occasions when I don't build it myself - I buy MESH's.

Its also dependant on the local repair shops near you :-), I worked in one of those near me for several years and they really were cowboys. Its hard for the average user to see this as they shop obviously have a slightly greater knowledge.

Complaining about software failures is like complaining that you bought a car three years ago and its now dirty... Its expected, Indeed I expect one every six months or so! - Although granted hard drive failures shouldn't be :-)

I would suggest that that your standard consumer rights are now invalid as you are outside the default 12month guarantee, and only those stated or detailed in the extended guarantee now apply. (Apart from those rights that state timescales greater than 24months in the CRA.)

Personally, I'd buy a new machine. You can build a decent work rig for as little as £300, and if your self employed I assume you'd probably lose more than this going without your pc for 5 weeks - that and the fact your extended warantee is nearly up :-D

  spuds 11:39 06 Nov 2006

leighrogers-- Regarding consumer rights, seagulls states that they have a computer two and a half years old, with a three year on-site warranty. Seagulls still as strong rights in respect of consumer law, because a computer could well come under the six year rule. There are also rights under the terms of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, and with the computer having a three year warranty would add leverage to make the finance provider (assuming that is the way finance was obtained) equally responsible or have 'Equal Liability' for correcting any wrongs.

I do agree, that using or owning a two and a half year old computer, may place doubts about acceptance, and in a court of law this could be a deciding factor.

  seagulls 11:48 06 Nov 2006


Do not disagree with most of what you say, but the main issue for me is still the extended warranty.

Have seen Davey's response on another thread that suggests Mesh would prefer on site repairs to return to base. This is not the impression you get when you speak to Mesh technical support. Their standard response seems to be to try and return to factory settings via the recovery disk and if this does not work ask you to return the machine as 'it could be the motherboard' which is not covered by the warranty.

The recent return to Mesh resulted in the hard disks needing to be replaced. These are covered by the warranty and therefore the on site warranty. Given the time it took to get a diagnosis from Mesh, then the wait for the return label, then to arrange for the courier collection and then await the repair, I was acually without the pc for over 6 weeks.

I appreciate that an on site repair would take time to arrange but would expect this to be a matter of days. Bottom line is what is the point of paying for a service that I am not receiving!

  seagulls 11:53 06 Nov 2006


While the machine may be used and accepted it is a mute point as to whether the warranty is. Mesh put you between a rock and a hard place by refusing on site repair in case the fault is not covered by the warranty. You are then without the pc for 5 weeks while they repair a fault that it turns out is covered by the warranty!

  spuds 12:33 06 Nov 2006


Regarding the acceptance issue, I was only trying to point out what a court of law (possibly small claims) may consider. Consumer law is a slightly different issue, until tested.

Perhaps Davey or Nick of Mesh will pick up on this posting soon, and help resolve any issues!.

To contact Davey [email protected]

I know the forum editor as become involved with certain issues regarding Mesh service. Contact him via the 'Contact Forum Editor' tab at the top of the page, and direct him to this post.

  seagulls 16:25 07 Nov 2006


Sorry if my response to your last post was a bit abrupt!It was not meant to be and I do appreciate your (and others) efforts to help.

I have been in contact with Davey at Mesh and he has tried to be helpful, but there really does not seem to be a way to resolve the dilema of proving something is a hardware problem and thus insisting on an onsite repair.

PC has now been repaired by another restoration to factory settings.

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