Mesh Titan Immerse

  Beanaka 13:03 18 Oct 2005

Hi Guys
i am Looking at getting one of the above pcs to replace my old packard bell which is cack what do you think of the specs etc etc will be used for business stuff via ebay so will be using stuff like turbo lister etc and the usual stuff like internet / word

The main thing i want to know is how do i trasfer a large proportion of the hard drive ie the files i will need on my new pc that are on the old one ??

any help appreciated


p.s the old pc is 3 1/2 years old

  MAJ 13:09 18 Oct 2005

Nice piece of kit, Beanaka, have fun with it. It will do what you want and more. Easiest way to transfer the files from your old hard drive is to install the old hard drive in the new Mesh and drag and drop to the new drive.

  Beanaka 13:23 18 Oct 2005

hi maj
hhmm i aint no expert and would have no idea how to do that plus i am giving the old pc to my dad so i cant realy remove the hard drive can i ?

  MAJ 13:51 18 Oct 2005

Course you can, Beanaka, once you have all your files transferred across you can re-install the old drive back in your old Packard Bell and format it and re-install Windows, if you wish.

Installing a drive is very easy, there are many here who will guide you through the process.

  Legolas 13:55 18 Oct 2005

Beanaka you can take out the harddrive from your old system and install it in your new system as the slave drive.

Copy all the files you need onto your new drive then format your old drive and install it back onto your old system. See here click here
remember to change back the drive from slave to master when you reinstall it back in your old system. Look on the internet for more help if you need it

  Ancient Learner 14:59 18 Oct 2005

Why not use CDs, or DVDs, rather than the drastic process of removing HDDs etc. The files can't be all that large surely. If they also include Photos and the like, they should already be backed up, (if not, why not!) and that external back up will do just as well.

  MAJ 15:04 18 Oct 2005

I was assuming that Beanaka didn't have a cd or dvd writer on his old PC, else he/she wouldn't have asked the question, and to say "install one" would have been the same as installing the hard drive.

  Beanaka 16:37 18 Oct 2005

Thanks for your help guys
The hard drive option sounds a bit like it would mess my head up too much i do have a cd writer on my old pc so maybe thats the best way even if it will take quite a while.
ancient learner i havent backed anything up as i havent a clue how to do it to be honest does that sound realy thick?
some of the stuff would be to big for cds so how would i transfer such big files to my new pc


  Ancient Learner 17:27 18 Oct 2005

'such big files'. do you really mean 'files' or do you mean 'fo;ders'. I cannot envisage a file that is 750MB. A folder perhaps, but not a file.
If I am correct, you would have to split the folder into its composit files and copy these to the CD.

To copy them, you need CD software to enable you to burn CDs, which I guess will be on your PC, possibly Nero or Roxio.

If you need help, post back here.

  Beanaka 20:51 18 Oct 2005

cheers mate think i know what to do now

what do you think of the pc i am thinking of getting

p.s i forgot to mention i will be using it for music production as well programs like reason/soundforge etc i am right in thinking that the soundcard etc are ideal for such stuff arent i ?

  Beanaka 14:31 19 Oct 2005

Anyone ??

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