Mesh support and the holy grail.......

  Khufu 11:21 04 Nov 2005

Both have never been found.......

I tried calling this morning and got a guy who sounded half asleep and not really bothered, called back with another query, phone lines are down???(recorded message) call tommoro, phone back and get the same guy?! phone once more and you guessed it - "Phone lines are down".

So my conclusion is, mesh have 1 guy at a desk somewhere taking stick from every mesh customer, thats IF! you can get through.........

Anyway all I'm after is a product key for my software that came with the pc, i cant find it in any of the files any ideas????

  961 11:42 04 Nov 2005

which software?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:47 04 Nov 2005

The phones being down is probably not Mesh's' fault and they are one of the few manufacturers that have a quick presence here.


  Khufu 12:06 04 Nov 2005

No but what i'm saying is there is a guy there, the phones arnt broken, he picks up if hes not busy, or you get cut off if he is!!! 1 guy for support!!! comon!

Product is power to go express??

I have found the key, the product will not open???!!! ny ideas (all other cyberlink products seem fine??)

  MESH Support 12:30 04 Nov 2005

The only department suffering phone difficulties at this time is our software support department which is actually hosted off site.

In an effort to reduce the loss of this service we have managed to redirect calls to the software support line to a desk in house, however due to the technology used, it only provides us with one line whilst we try to resolve the main problem.

I should be able to help you with the Cyberlink problem.

Please email me your serial/order number and screen name (Khufu) to [email protected]

Please also let me know which software you are trying to access as with the Cyberlink suite there are two licences with two separate codes needed.

Mesh Support

  Khufu 12:37 04 Nov 2005

But I was calling the Premium rate number, thats a different number from the support line???

anyway i couldnt get anyone on any option, it just cut me off!

I'm sending you an e-mail with my problem.

Thankyou, Stuart

  MESH Support 12:56 04 Nov 2005

The only premium rate number we have is an 09052 number which is for software support. This number is different from our Technical support and Customer Service lines which are 0870 numbers.

I've received your email thanks, but I need your serial/order number which is a 7 digit number found on the back of your PC and Mesh documentation.

Mesh Support

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