MESH on-site warranty

  cree 17:04 14 Sep 2006

My 6 month old MESH computer (recommended by PC Advisor "Top 10 power computers") keeps switching off for no reason. Contacted MESH as I have 2 year on-site warranty. They advised they do not know what the problem is and I will have to return the computer to them for 2 weeks. I queried the on-site warranty and was told the phone call was on-site and they do not offer a temporary replacement. Has anyone else experienced this? It is my main business computer and I really cannot do without it for 2 weeks.

  johnnyrocker 17:07 14 Sep 2006

i take it that you have xp on board? (pro or home)? in order to raise best bets can you describe the symptoms a little more fully?


  Totally-braindead 17:09 14 Sep 2006

If you paid for onsite warranty then this is what you are entitled to. Not the rubbish they are saying, the warranty they are giving you is RTB Return To Base. Check your paperwork and see what you paid for. If you paid for 2 years onsite then they should come to you not the other way about.

  Totally-braindead 17:11 14 Sep 2006

johnnyrocker raises a valid point though. If you describe a bit better when it switches off we may be able to help. If its a software problem then its not covered anyway.

  skidzy 17:13 14 Sep 2006

Here we go again !! another Mesh.

Does this happen in safe mode,tapping f8 on startup will get you into safe mode.

Once in safe mode,try running your Antivirus first.

Let us know how you get on.

  silverous 17:18 14 Sep 2006

Mesh should honour the on-site warranty. Unfortunately for intermittent problems (you don't say how frequently or suddenly after booting it happens) they are difficult to diagnose so I can see Mesh's point. If it switches off after 6 hours should they have an engineer sit there for 6 hours watching it? It is easier to diagnose this back at base.

Mind you, there are only a number of things it could be I would imagine so they should send an engineer out to replace those as a starting point. On-site should be on-site, I'm sure you have to make a phone call for a Return to base warranty so to say it is "on-site because the phone call is on-site" is absolute nonsense and sounds like someone who hasn't been trained on company policy answered the phone.

I'm sure Davey will be along before long to give some support/advice.

  cree 18:09 14 Sep 2006

Hi, thanks for the advice. The problem is intermittent and it can go for days without happening. When it does it just switches off totally, no shut down, warnings etc. I can appreciate Mesh's problem as it isn't happening at any specific time and asked for a replacement computer whilst mine was away. Not an all singing all dancing one but one that will enable me to keep working. We could switch the hard drives to make the transition easy. I am sure Mesh must have a spare computer, if they don't they should do so to keep their "on-site" warranty customers happy.

  silverous 18:56 14 Sep 2006

Does it power off or reboot?

Have you checked the event logs ? Sometimes something will be logged just before a crash, although usually not with an instant power off.

What do meshs's terms and conditions say about how on-site works? To be honest it probably allows them to get the machine back to base if they can't resolve on-site, and there's no spare pc offered I'm sure. If that's the case, and your business relies on a pc you probably should have either a spare or a better warranty. Sorry I know that doesn't help you but you can see that the engineer would have to either replace just about all the parts (which I think they should do but that would be too expensive) and even to know if he'd fixed it he'd have to sit there for hours/days. Intermittent faults are a nightmare.

I wonder if anyone can comment on how long it normally takes mesh to turnaround. I'd imagine weeks by the time they've tested it.

  jester42 08:50 29 Sep 2006

Was this problem resolved by Mesh? I'd be interested in knowing what happened and did Mesh offer any on-site support as my Mesh system appears to be exhibiting this problem.

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