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  Graphicool1 10:08 23 May 2011

Hi All

Some time back I placed an order with MESH for a PC package, which I'd customised on line. Well it's been pushing six weeks or so and although (till recently) I've been exchanging emails with their service department (they didn't respond to the last one) I don't feel that I'm getting any closer to receiving my PC any time soon.

One of the problems I'm having is with the excuses, as they keep coming up with different escalating reasons why they are not honouring their side of the deal. The latest being...

"As you may have been previously advised we experienced a delay in receiving one of the components in your machine."

This was news to me! Just the latest in a string of excuses.

I noted that they wasted no time in taking the £599.26 from my account!

I recently saw, on PCA a couple of postings from other disgruntled buyers and non receivers of MESH PC's. They were told to get in touch with a guy named 'Davey' and he would sort it. I don't know who the guy is or what is his connection with MESH. But there was an email address for him, so I sent him an email (this morning) laying out my problem. However, I've received the following immediate reply. (What concerns me most here is the date at the bottom?)...

"This email address is not provided for general Technical Support or Customer Service queries, and is normally unmanned.

If you have a Technical Support query, please dial 0871 200 2221 to speak to a member of Technical Support.

If you have a Customer Services Query, please dial 0871 200 2333 to speak to a member of the Customer Services department.

Please note that unless you have asked to email this address by a member of MESH Computers staff, you email will likely not be responded to directly. Please contact the relevant department as set out above for support.


Last Updated: 22 November 2010"

Where do I go from here? Any reasonable suggestions would be gratefully received.

  Woolwell 10:36 23 May 2011

Should be in Consumerwatch. Davey appears to have left Mesh see this thread

  Woolwell 10:37 23 May 2011

Couldn't add to my post for some reason. Others will advise but it may be time to cancel and get your money back (if you can) which may take a month.

  Graphicool1 11:36 23 May 2011

Hi Woolwell

You may be right about the wrong forum, but I am asking for help?

Thanx for your input, under any other circumstances, like you I would also recommend that people should get their money back and go elsewhere. However, this isn't just another off the shelf PC. I built this custom package on line, to my specific specifications. It isn't to play games on or chat to people on Facebook. I need it for my work, as a graphic artist. Because of MESH, I've been forced to take an extended holiday of unknown length. With no apparent light at the end of the tunnel. I rely heavily on the PC for research, initial preparation and the final tweaking of my work. Without it I'm stuffed!

  Woolwell 11:46 23 May 2011

Regret that I suspect that you may well be able to get another pc built elsewhere and delivered before the problem is resolved with Mesh. Call Mesh sales line?

  johndrew 11:47 23 May 2011

If you advised them (ideally in writing) of the use for the PC and were given a delivery date, you may be able to make a claim for any loss - chances are it will need to be through the courts though. If not it is no different to any other sale under the Regulation. Have a look at this link text; especially para 3.10 on page 14.

  Graphicool1 12:04 23 May 2011


I've been dealing with 'Service' via email, the same guy each time 'Scott'. I prefer to use email rather than the phone because you then have proof of what was said, if needed.


When I ordered, it was them who told me...

"We aim to deliver your order usually within 14 working days (unless otherwise specified) subject to cleared and authorised funds."

They didn't specify otherwise and neither did I, because I wasn't dissatisfied with those time constraints. As for thier last words (above), they had taken the full amount from my account within the first few days.

  Woolwell 13:25 23 May 2011

Put the date that you must have the system by letter to Mesh. Personally I would be looking elsewhere.

  birdface 13:40 23 May 2011

Maybe e-mail the FE he has a very good record of getting problems sorted with Mesh.

If anyone can he can.

It must be worth a try but he must be getting fed up intervening all of the time with Mesh.

  spuds 14:47 23 May 2011

Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I cannot understand how some people go ahead and order a computer from a company that seems to have this and other forums (a simple search!) expressing their concerns, usually about the same issues, of poor service, late deliveries plus lack of stock availabilities and lack of responses to emails and telephone calls.

There are even reports about Mesh in some financial quarters. And it might pay to look at some of these reports.

Also it was suggested a short time ago, that Davey was getting more harder to contact, and by all accounts he as now left the company. There use to be two other guys (Amit and Phil) who dealt with some of the work Davey did. Not sure if those two people are still with Mesh?.

In a situation like this, I would cancel the order and demand my money back. I hope that any money paid was via a credit card or computer finance deal, and if it was, then you should have protection and assistance via Section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act. If Mesh do agree and return the funds, then remember that the law states that they have 30 days in which to do so.

  Graphicool1 15:20 23 May 2011


"Maybe e-mail the FE he has a very good record of getting problems sorted with Mesh."

I did that very thing, straight after opening this thread. Sadly though, I haven't received a reply? I think the FE's leverage with MESH ended when 'Andey' left MESH.

I don't know what position Andey had in MESH and/or if or not he had a successor?

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