MESH No Display

  CliffP 10:47 20 Jul 2005

Hi All

I ordered a MESH PC online a couple of weeks ago. I took delivery of it late yesterday, plugged it all together this morning and I'm getting no display. HDD etc all spins up OK. I've tried using both monitor ports on the PC and have also tried a monitor I know works. Any ideas? Or should I ship it straight back to MESH?


  Pooke 10:58 20 Jul 2005

ship it straight back to Mesh :P

  Pooke 10:58 20 Jul 2005

open it up and check everthing is seated properly, chances are something wiggled outta place in transit.

  CliffP 11:09 20 Jul 2005

if I open the case, will I invalidate any warranties?

  Pooke 11:17 20 Jul 2005

I don't know, never owned a mesh before. Some manufcaturers support an open case policy. Why not call them and ask?

Maybe someone else will know. Erm are you getting any beep codes when you switch the machine on?

  jack 12:07 20 Jul 2005

Pooke has said it all really but to clarify
What sort of after care agreement to you have?
Return to Base or a visiting one?
If it is return to base do this :-
Switch machine on and check the system is running.
Test the monitor elsewhere if you can to establish that it is OK.
Then phone their help line to tell them exactly that and to ask should you open it up to check internal connections before you do anything else.
If it is a call out arrangement - let them do it.

  CliffP 12:38 20 Jul 2005

No beeps at all. Everything 'sounds' as it should, there's just no display. I have a RTB contract with MESH. I know the monitor that I have tried works, as it's the monitor from my other machine...

  CliffP 14:13 20 Jul 2005

phoned Mesh, who say that it's an open case policy, which means I'm OK to look into reseating the graphics card... Is using a lump-hammer advisable?

  MESH Support 14:16 20 Jul 2005

I have posted this under your other thread previously;

"I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your new Mesh PC.

Opening your case will not invalidate you warranty however you must be careful not cause any damage to components as they would not then be covered.

That said, if you are comfortable doing so, and given your background I would reseat the videocard(s) as this can be a common reason for failure after delivery.

If you don't want to do this, or it is unsuccessful, please drop me a line at [email protected] remembering to include your serial/order number and screen name (CliffP)."


Mesh Support

  CliffP 14:36 20 Jul 2005

having read some of the other postings re: Mesh and their after-sales service, I was not expecting:

a) my phone call to them about half an hour ago to have been answered so quickly, and

b) a response from Mesh on here so quickly!

I've just got to hope that it is just a question of reseating the Gfx card...

Thanks Davey

  Pooke 17:53 20 Jul 2005


is it fixed?

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