Mesh matrix A 3800+ Storm

  gertz55 18:06 03 Jan 2005

What a fantastic advert on the Advisor website! Having been on look out for a new PC, I want one now!!!Unfortunately, link doesn't work when trying to configure and this PC is not on Mesh website. Has anyone managed to take a closer look at this wonderful piece of machinery?

  alan227 18:17 03 Jan 2005
  gertz55 09:41 04 Jan 2005

Thanks for the reply, but tour link only sends me to the page for Matrix64 3500+ Storm 939. Not quite the same spec I'm afraid unless I'm being very stupid! I'm looking for AMD 64 with PCI-express slots and the 3800 looked like it did the job. Have tried again today and still can't get any closer. Any more problems and I'll have to go to Carrera instead!

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