MESH drivers ...They are not on the Windows CD!

  Mr. Chips 13:52 21 Feb 2006

Hi there,

I have purchased the 'cheapo' Mesh (The Matrix EL value model) ..... and very good it is too.

The problem is that I had to re-load windows after a C: drive format ..... (not Mesh's fault).

I then found out that they put the drivers on the C: drive, not on the XP CD which is otherwise specially tailored for Mesh computers.

(I had assumed that the drivers would be on the CD ... silly me!

Does anyone have a similar Mesh model who can, if I send them a blank DVD, copy the fiules on to it for me.

I have contacted Mesh twice via there web-ste contact form for these drivers, which are not available on their web-site, but there seems to be some delay in them providing them.

Any help here would be great because I am running with inappropriate drivers (and lots of '?'s) in the device driver section at the moment.

Regards, and thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 13:58 21 Feb 2006

Do you know the make and model of the mobo?

If so check on the manufacturer's website for the drivers.

If someone can send you the drivers, then a blank CD-R would be better - they might not have a DVD rewriter...:-)

  keef66 14:06 21 Feb 2006

Are you sure they aren't on a utilities disk or on a separate partition on the HDD? Mine isn't a Mesh, but the motherboard chipset and some graphics driver files and are located on a small partition labelled D:\, and some other stuff is on a drivers and utilities CD. This has allowed me to format C:\ several times and find all the drivers when reinstalling everything. I think D:\ also contains an image of the C:\drive to restore it to factory condition, if only I knew how. Manufacturer went bust.

  Stuartli 14:07 21 Feb 2006

Depending on which Value model you have (click here) then you would appear to need drivers for a NVidia nForce 410 chipset.

But make sure first...:-)

These should be available at the click here website.

  IPA 14:10 21 Feb 2006

If you have registered your PC with Mesh on line then you can access details of all components fitted and download drivers . If the drivers are not available from the Mesh site you will stll see a list and links to the manufacturers where you can get the latest versions.

  Mr. Chips 14:50 21 Feb 2006

You are correct, they probably were on the d: partition, but I stupidly cleared the partitions before reformatting the whole drive. I thought I knew what I was doing ... a little knowledge is truely a dangerous thing!

I have followed the links you suggested and have the .exe file downloaded, for what I think is the correct drivers.

I assume put this .exe file into a 'drivers' directory in my C: drive.
When run, does it expand into a number of seperate drivers?
If so, I assume that I delete the question marked drivers in the device handler and wait for the system to ask for the location of the required drivers, when re-starting XP.

I am sorry to be such a wimp, but I have screwed-up once, and am not so happy at going in feet first this time round.
regards, and thanks again

  Mr. Chips 14:53 21 Feb 2006

Sorry IPA, our posts have 'crossed'.
I did try getting into Mesh for the drivers, but I didn't see anything that was 'black and white' enough for me to risk downloading stuff. I felt very uncomfortable doing anything with my knowledge level.

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