Mesh, drivers and hardisks

  Computer wimp 19:17 26 Jul 2005
Locked we go...sigh

I have just bought a Mesh and about 2 weeks in i got a virus (Trojan Horse virus). I deleted it using AVG or so i thought and then started to find that my pc would not boot up and would stay on a blank screen. I phoned Mesh who were wonderfuly unhelpful and was told that i needed to reformat the compuete using the recovery disc. This did not work becasue the keyboard stopped working. Anyway... i managed to format the pc and start from sctratch. The computer would then not start becasue it could not find the hard disc. It said "disc read error" it now appears to be fine however everything runs very slow. When scrolling down pages it moves in a staggered motion, the sound does not work and all video's etc seem abnormaly slow. I know very little about these sort of things but have been told it is the drivers. I need to reinsatll them but do not have any discs or access to mesh's download center that they so proudly display on their site. Are ther any other ways of getting these drivers?
The drivers that appear to be missing are under other devices and include...

mutimedia control device
other PCI bridge device
SM bus controller
Video controller (VGA compatible)


means nought to me

anyone offer any suggestions as to what i can do and if my hardrive was undetectable for a time why is it now working now and is everything fine?

  Computer wimp 19:21 26 Jul 2005

there should be commars between the drivers

  MESH Support 15:42 27 Jul 2005

I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your Mesh PC.

The drivers for the motherboard will have been stored in a folder on your hard drive which would have needed to have been backed up prior to the restore of Windows.

There is very little reason why the hard drive should not be recognised and the fact that it then worked indicates to me an intermittant problem with either the hard drive or the controller.

If you email me your serial/order number and screen name (Computer wimp) to [email protected] I will arrange for an engineer to contact you regarding the hard drive.


Mesh Support

  CliffP 16:22 27 Jul 2005

Do you not see press F10 on boot up to recover? Maybe put in the Restore CD that came with your PC?

p.s. Love my new Mesh I got last week...

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