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  ptrafc 17:44 10 Feb 2004

I have recently ordered a new PC from Mesh, and although they advised against it, I have booked time off work. The comp is supposed to be coming on a Wednesday, and NTL are installing broadband on the Friday (so I booked Thursday off just in case it comes a day late!). I don't live in the countryside, in fact I'm 2 mins from the motorway. Could anyone tell me how reliable they (or should I say the 3rd party courier they use) are at delivering on the date they give you? All help appreciated, and sorry if this has been asked before!

  clayton 17:49 10 Feb 2004

You could of had it deliverd to your place of work & saved taking two days off.

  MESH Support 17:51 10 Feb 2004

If you send me your serial number along with your screen name (ptrafc) to [email protected]

I most likely won't see any reply until the morning now but will respond as quickly as possible.


Mesh Support

  dfghjkl 17:51 10 Feb 2004

dont know about mesh,but ntl should come when they say they are,they have always turned up on the day they say,for me.mesh have had bad press recently,so lets hope they have moved on and do yours on time,good luck.peter.

  Stuartli 17:54 10 Feb 2004

When I ordered a Mesh system at the beginning of last September for an elderly friend, the followup invoice specified the delivery date for about two-and-a-half weeks later.

The system duly arrived on the morning of the promised date and has worked faultlessly ever since.

  ptrafc 18:03 10 Feb 2004

As it happens my date it two-and-half weeks from ordering too. I don't mind taking time off work, since I'd have had to for NTL anyway, but if the comp comes late, then I'd have to ring NTL to change that date too.

  ptrafc 18:06 10 Feb 2004

Also, does anyone know what is in the 'Extreme games bundle 2'? I don't want to ring them just to ask that. I know what is in bundle one, but couldn't find anything in the mag about bundle 2.

  Sir Radfordin 18:10 10 Feb 2004

All the systems I have bought from Mesh have been delivered on the promised day. I'd have said you are fairly safe with your arrangement.

  dfghjkl 18:13 10 Feb 2004

you wont have to change the ntl date as they will fit the cable modem without the pc they will give you a box with a network cable and a usb cable and a cd,you just choose how you want it(go for network cable)follow insructions and you are away.if you already have ntl dial up you will use the same username,e-mail and password,at least if the pc is late you know that you can plug the modem in as soon as you are up and running,how late can it be anyway?

  ptrafc 18:18 10 Feb 2004

I asked to woman at NTL and for some reason she said I needed the PC there. I don't know if it's anything to do with me having the modem installed upstairs instead of from the NTL tv box (dunno if I'm talking sense since I don't know much about connecting broadband).

  MESH Support 09:47 11 Feb 2004

Games bundle 2 comes with;

IL-2 Sturmovik: The Forgotten Battles - Championship Manager 4 - Splinter Cell

NTL only really need the PC there so they know when they leave your premises that the modem was functioning correctly, or if there is a fault, they find out then and can possibly deal with it whilst the engineer is there.

Usually the only issues are placement, the modem can only be so far from the main entry point to your house before the signal becomes to weak.

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