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  gel 16:31 27 Oct 2010

I ordered a desk top from mesh on 4 10 2010 and they took my money
Delivery was within 14 working days
I raised the matter with mesh on 22 10 2010 and was told they were waiting for a processor and a mother board which were expected on that day 22 10 2010
Today 27 10 2010 I have raised the matter again but they can give me no definite delivery date
Do I have justifiable grounds for cancelling the order?
I have already informed them that I am considering this action but have not heard from yet
Any comments please

  Pine Man 16:39 27 Oct 2010


  bremner 16:39 27 Oct 2010

I fully understand your frustration and would be the same.

I think you need to ask yourself these questions before canceling.

Is the machine what I want at a price I am happy to pay?

Can I wait a while or must I have it now?

Can I get the same spec at the same price elsewhere quicker?

You have to remember that I believe Mesh have up to 30 days to refund your money if you cancel.

  gel 16:46 27 Oct 2010

Thank you it seems yes I can cancel but I take bremner point

Yes I can wait and yes the computer was the best buy in computer shopper Perhaps it is too popular
I have searched this forum and mesh deliveries do not come out well The alternative would be Dell but I expect they can have their problems
Could some one give a good word for mesh to help me with the decision
Thank you

  961 16:52 27 Oct 2010

Why not ask them if they can offer an alternative desktop with an equivalent or higher spec that they have in stock ready to dispatch as an alternative to you cancelling?

You are quite entitled to cancel the order but you may find they can supply a better computer off the shelf rather than lose your custom

Like motor cars, computers are built in assembly plants using the "just in time" supply of components. Some of the most popular bits can be hard to supply which is why this sort of thing happens. I could guess exactly which bits are in short supply for your computer but why not try for a higher spec at the same price with delivery in the next few days?

If they won't do that and can't specify a definite delivery date for the one you ordered, then cancel and buy elsewhere

  961 16:56 27 Oct 2010

...and, yes, Dell would be a good alternative if Mesh don't come across with an acceptable offer

  gel 16:57 27 Oct 2010

That 961 seems my way of doing business
Thanks a lot

I will try and keep the forum posted of the outcome in case I can give Mesh a gold star in the end

  gel 07:17 04 Nov 2010

The mesh computer arrived Wednesday 3 November
22 working days from date of order instead of estimated 14 days
The PC looks very good so half a gold star perhaps

  gengiscant 08:19 04 Nov 2010

Slightly off topic, I ordered and paid for a PC case that I knew that Overclockers were not expecting to have in stock until the 29th October. A week after that date, still no case, I had phoned and someone in the sales dept of Overclockers did not seem able to say when the case would be in, and suggested refunding my cash.

I decided to wait and do a little research myself.
I discovered that I could not source the case anywhere in Europe, everywhere seem to be waiting on deliveries.
I decided to email the case manufacturer in California.NXTZ and got a very prompt reply explaining that they were slightly altering the design to make it more compatible with the H50 and H70 CPU coolers, and also slightly altering the paint colour so there is a better match between plastic and metal.

With this information I went back to Overclockers and mildly rebuked the company for not having this information to hand and of course informing the customer.

The sales guy was most apologetic and told me he would take it up with the purchasing department, who should have known the reason for the delay and of course made sure the sales staff were aware.
Result of a couple of emails and a phone call,I am getting the case free of postage, saving me a tenner.

This is the case:click here

  gel 15:32 05 Nov 2010

Pleased to hear your tale gengiscant

I expect I am too impatient but very often patience and a little research pays off

Best wishes with your PC case


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