Mesh customers be warned

  taffhughes 10:21 17 Mar 2004

If you purchase a computer from Mesh Computers Plc, Be warned that the Pinnacle Systems softwear that they supply as standard is a "Demo version".
I have pinnacle instant cd/dvd 8se and after I coverted 20 cd tracks to MP3 a window popped up saying that the "Demo version had expired", and that I would have to order a "full Licenced version".
I spoke to Mesh and they informed me that I should have asked for and payed extra for the "full" version when I placed my order.
At no time are you made aware of this.
It makes me wounder if other softwear that they supplied are Demo version.
Pinnacle have informed me that I cann't just pay for an upgrade, But would have to pay for the
full version and then uninstall the rubbish that Mesh supplied before loading the full version.
I'm well p***ed off

  Diodorus Siculus 12:11 17 Mar 2004

Seems a bit unfair; was there nothing to suggest this in the specs?

  ventanas 12:19 17 Mar 2004

They may have done you a favour. Replace it with Nero or Roxio. Pinnacle is terrible. There was a thread earlier today about it.

  arricarry 12:47 17 Mar 2004

Hello - No there is not. When you go to the site you get pretty pictures of the software in their boxes, some of which does not even come with your system. The only SE software as stated on the description is for the Studio8SE software. The instant CDDVD is not stated as being SE or a Demo.
I think Taff was lucky to get it to work at all!!

  arricarry 13:16 17 Mar 2004
  Rigga 13:26 17 Mar 2004

Recently received my new Mesh Computer..

The version I received was SE version 8, not a demo.

  romanab 14:45 17 Mar 2004

It does say INCLUDED SOFTWARE PACKAGES so if this is not the case I think this is very misleading.
taffhughes,was the software preinstalled or did you get a cd,I ask this because I have a Mesh system which came with nero(much better)preinstalled but no nero disc.I recently had to do a reinstall of my os(xp)and so lost nero,I rang Mesh to ask for the nero cd which they said they do not supply anymore so they sent me instantCD/DVD8,on disc,free of charge.I do not know if mine is a demo as I have not used it much yet but there is nothing on the disc to indicate that it is.In thier magazine adverts instant clearly included on all matrix/elite systems so maybe its worth ringing them again or even posting on consumerwatch forum and see if davey from Mesh can help,he's usually very good.
I hope this helps.

  romanab 15:01 17 Mar 2004

I meant to say included on all matrix/elite/x-treme systems.

  MESH Support 16:22 17 Mar 2004


The message you received is not regarding the license to use the Pinnacle CD/DVD writing software, it is from the MP3 encoder.

Pinnacle only supply a limited use MP3 encoder which must be upgraded to the full version if you wish to continue using it.

Please note this only affects the copying of audio tracks from audio CD's to MP3's, it does not affect the use of the Pinnacle software to create CD/DVD's.

If you wish to continue to copy MP3 tracks you can obtain the full licence to the decoder or if you do a search over the internet, you will find many alternatives, some of which are free encoders.


InstantCD/DVD is a separate application to the Studio software. InstantCD/DVD comes free with any system with a CD/DVD writer automatically whereas the Studio software must be ordered additionally or as part of one of our packages.


Hope this helps.


Mesh Support

  arricarry 16:59 17 Mar 2004

You do not advertise instant CD\DVD as the SE version though do you. The pretty picture of the box is the latest full version 8 I believe. Why did you stop Nero anyway?

  arricarry 17:04 17 Mar 2004

Whilst I have your attention can you tell me where the ZS drivers are. I have 2 discs supplied with my system, but these appear to be demo stuff of some kind. Usually says on the front if drivers included.

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