Mesh Computers good or bad?

  scott26985 08:29 30 Jan 2007

A lot of people on here say Mesh are bad but is that just people with bad experences talking and the good ones staying quite. They seem like real vaule to me but Im being put off by complaints against Mesh on here.

  Hayrick 08:45 30 Jan 2007

My family have 4 Mesh computers in age varying from 2 to 6 years old all running sweetly with no trouble.

  Batch 09:06 30 Jan 2007

I use a Mesh 1100Mhz Athlon, nearly 6 years old. In the main it has been fine.

Soon after delivery it had a very noisy motherboard (Northbridge) fan. Mesh wouldn't come out and fix as claimed it was too big a job and I had to return the system unit (their on-site warranty has a get out clause). But turnaround was quick and no probs.

Other than that, the TEAC CD-RW packed up twice. I just sent the old drive back and they sent me a replacement each time.

Having said all that, Mesh do seem to have a history of more complaints than other vendors.

  oldbeefer2 09:25 30 Jan 2007

Most people here seem to prefer these click here. Prices are competitive, but note that the OS is extra, which bumps the price up by 60 quid or so.

  Gongoozler 09:50 30 Jan 2007

Bad computers are very rare these days, they are nearly all made from parts mostly supplied by the same Chinese manufacturers. What does vary is the after sales support when something does go wrong. Mesh are among the best for build quality, but, probably largely due to good reviews in PCA magazine and others, Mesh has grown into quite a large company and as often happens when a company grows, the after sales support slipped somewhat for a time, resulting in several negative reports on this forum.

  Steve- 09:58 30 Jan 2007

I have just ordered my third Mesh, one Desk and two laptops. they have all been very good value and any problems have been sorted with good grace. I agree you have to have a bit of patience when contacting tech support initially but after that all has been OK. I know people on this site have had problems but so far I can recomend them.

  keef66 10:42 30 Jan 2007

I read peoples complaints about Mesh in the context of the volume of business they do. It wouldn't stop me ordering from them if they had the pc I wanted at an attractive price.

If tech support is your prime concern, I'd have to say pay a bit more and buy from Evesham.

One word of advice for any online purchase; don't try to change your mind about any of the components half-way through the build. That seems to be the cause of a good proportion of the cock-ups I read about.

  Andsome 11:07 30 Jan 2007

Have a look at my post here.

click here

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