Mesh Computer Belkin Router

  drumlin 20:07 15 Sep 2007

I have within the last month purchased a Mesh Elite Duo computer and Balkin Router but they do not seem able to communicate with each other. Ihave tried a wide variety of solutions including updating nvidia drivres - but still have no success. Any solutions ??

  Ashrich 22:10 15 Sep 2007

How are you trying to connect them together ?


  drumlin 13:57 16 Sep 2007

Currently by Ethernet cable - however also tried wireless Belkin / Wireless Netgear and Speedtouch ADSL without any success - also updated the nVidia drivers. I am running out of options - that's why I am here !

  retep888 14:16 16 Sep 2007

Can you give a bit more information about your system such as OS, Cable or Adsl ,what kind of router you've used and so on,so that people can help.

  Ashrich 14:42 16 Sep 2007

So you open your browser , type into the address bar , press enter , and nothing happens , is that right ?


  drumlin 15:53 16 Sep 2007

OS is Windows Vista.

Yes Ashley that is exactly what I get when I type !! All I get is an increasingly annoying wee blue/green circle that I feel like shooting ! Whatever happened to the hour glass ?

Thanks for all responses so far.

  Ashrich 17:35 16 Sep 2007

Ok , a few more questions ....has the ethernet port been turned on in the bios , have you tried a different ethernet cable , Has TCP/IP been properly installed ? When you tried with the wireless option , did the router show up when scanning for Networks ?

Whatever happened to the hour glass ?........control panel/mouse/pointers , choose a different scheme !


  woodchip 17:41 16 Sep 2007

Fetch it to my house, as I think all this trying to help on threads is getting too much for my Head.

Specially with one like this. It would be a lot easier with the computer and router than trying to Explain as there is that many things to check.

Sorry I know this does not help, but just how I feel at the moment

  drumlin 20:52 16 Sep 2007

Greetings All

Thanks for continuing support/angst. Ashley, I will check out all those suggestions, thanks !

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