mesh c:\drivers!

  rollinson 18:27 18 Nov 2005

hi. after buying a mesh pc a few weeks ago, and taking it to where i work in west scotland, a power cut messed up my xp install (this after hangs and crashes every other day i might add!)
expecting to have the drivers on the recovery disk (usual missing mobo ones, modem, etc) i made no backup of my drivers folder. so when the power cut comes, the f10 recovery is of no use, and safe mode won't let me in either. then i find the recovery disk has a scratch on it, so install from another xp disk, but end up with the missing drivers. i don't care about the missing software, i just want the pc working. after initiating the 'return disk' procedure, and a trawl of the forums, i hope someone can help me!
the problem is, as i live and work in a remote area of scotland with no broadband, and very poor dial up thats always cutting out, downloading all the drivers would be a nightmare, and with the response i've had from customer support just to get logged in on the site so far, i'm slowly going mad! i also just stopped my broadband back home in sheffield because of problems, so downloading the files here would be just as bad.
so, to cut a long story short, would anyone be willing, (if i sent a stamped addressed envolope with a cd in it) to copy the c:\drivers folder for me and post it on. any help would be grately appreciated.
thanks, chris.

  ICF 18:51 18 Nov 2005

Can you not use the recovery disc to repair your windows installation after all that's what it's for is it.

  rollinson 18:54 18 Nov 2005

no, the drivers in question are not on th erecovery cd, they are in a folder on the hard drive, which i couldn't access as the recovery cd couldn't even find an installation of xp!

  ICF 19:39 18 Nov 2005

What drivers do you need?

  rollinson 19:44 18 Nov 2005

what i would like is the entire c:\drivers folder off a recent mesh pc. its an asus a8n athlon system. i can get the nforce drivers probably off a pc magazine disk

  freaky 20:24 18 Nov 2005

When I bought my Mesh last December, they stated then that you should make a backup of the drivers folder.

I am sure that if you contacted Davey at Mesh, and gave him your order number - he would send you a CD with all the drivers you need.

The Recovery Disk is generic, hence no drivers as each order uses different drivers depending on the spec'.

  rollinson 20:42 18 Nov 2005

thanks freaky.

  MESH Support 13:00 21 Nov 2005

The drivers folder is created at the time the PC is produced and would only be identical on someone elses PC if they had exactly the same specification as yourself.

Please contact me with your oder/serial number and screen name (rollinson) via [email protected]

As has been suggested I can gather the drivers based on your account profile and post them out to you.

Mesh Support

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